Do You Find Earth Boring?


Friday being the day off far out music, I am putting up another Sun Ra album.  I like Fridays for many reasons including the fact I have them off.  Today’s is especially nice because it is finally warm again in Seattle.  Sunshine helps counter the effects of underemployment.  Being free to enjoy cold, dreary days while not banking any scrilla isn’t very satisfying.  When the sun is out and the weather is fine, it can actually be nice to be underemployed.


Anyhow, Sun Ra’s music is real introducing to listen to from a musicologist’s perspective.  More importantly, it is inspiring to listen to as a human.  Lately, I have been feeling taken over more by my innate cynicism.  I’m still more Mark Twain than Kurt Vonnegut, but KV’s bleak view of humanity, which found fertile ground in my young teenage mind, has been growing stronger again as the pressing issues of the humanity’s future aren’t properly addressed.  America can still be prosperous, but the insidious influence of money on the out of touch, old white men who hold so much governmental power are holding up necessary change.  Most liberals are just as “conservative” as conservatives, they just have slightly different ideas about running the gears of power and economic interests paying them for influence.  Born a big picture thinker and someone who loves knowledge and hates hypocrisy, it is hard to ignore battles of the world.

nowandlatergrapelimestrawberryHowever, music allows me to transcend the now, later, and future.  Sounds are eternal and universal.  Sounds are healing.  Seriously, sound has been used for healing purposes for a long time ( &,M1 ).

George Clinton wasn’t bullshitting when he sang about funk’s healing properties or pure funk.  Our organs and cells have auditory nerve endings.  The healing properties of vibratory frequencies isn’t limited to humans.  I haven’t done any indepth research into the subject, but have read that the purring of cats is believed to be a calming and healing behavior in additon to a signal of happy contentness(  Sun Ra’s Nothing Is (1966) is an outstanding experimental jazz record with a transcendental bent.  The material was recorded during the Arkestra’s tour through New York colleges.  “Exotic Forest” has a bassline and atmosphere that reminds me of some of DJ Spooky’s work.


Track Listing

A1           Dancing Shadows (9:50)
A2           Imagination (1:53)
A3           Exotic Forest (9:50)
B1           Sun Ra And His Band From Outer Space (1:58)
B2           Shadow World (13:48)
B3           Theme Of The Stargazers (0:40)
B4           Outer Spaceways Incorporated (1:42)
B5           Next Stop Mars (0:38)


Sun Ra: piano
John Gilmore: tenor sax
Marshall Allen: alto sax
Pat Patrick: baritone sax
Robert Cummings: baritone clarinet
Teddy Nance: trombone
Ali Hassan: trombone
Clifford Jarvis: drums
Ronnie Boykins: bass and tuba
James Jackson: log drum and flute
Carl Nimrod: sun horn and gong.

2 Responses to “Do You Find Earth Boring?”

  1. Dig it, downloading it now. Thanks!!

  2. I find earth boring, but his music is giving me some serious hope of a better future, one where humanity can achieve its real potential….and one where the true history of mankind can reveal itself. Allow me if you will to link you to a very interesting presentation by Klaus dona, on the hidden history of the world. Then you can get back to me if you liked it


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