Birdman x2 (#1 Stunnas)


Chris Anderson, aka the Birdman, is to jumping (blocks/dunks) as Eddie House is to 3’s.  Their specialized skill sets make effective, but limited, players if placed in the right situation.  How these two act on the court is just as important as their respective skills.  Exuding brash confidence, Birdman and House are electrifying players capable of whipping their team and crowd into a frenzy.  House brings break-dancing skills to add to the pregame antics.  Birdman brings crazy hair and a mysterious drug related two year NBA suspension.

Going to school in Detroit from 7th-12th grade, I was truly exposed to the world of hip hop.  2Pac, De La Soul, the Fugees, Outkast, Jay-Z, and Wu Tang were going strong.  Soon, the Fugees would be broken up, 2Pac and Biggie dead, and DMX and the Cash Money Millionaires dominating the airwaves.  Being young, I had a fun time listening to the Dirty South’s glamorized tales of indulgence.  Now, the music of Cash Money and No Limit, which I was never a big fan of anyways, sounds like trash celebrating hedonism and gross materialism and filled with vapid, vulgar lyricism.  Still, the collective had some hot beats, hilarious raps, and nice flows (Wayne had a magnetism even then and Juvenile’s voice was unique and hilarious).  Listening to the product of the Cash Money crew takes me back some years.


Despite my problems with the Big Tymers, they have some songs I like even if I rarely listen to them.  I was a big fan of Mannie Fresh beats, partly because he wasn’t sample based.  The early Big Tymers’ album sound so much more raw than their later releases.  That said, the cleaner and fuller production of subsequent albums produced some better beats.

Getting older and being aware of the changing brain chemistry is strange.  Yesterday, I poured a half full forty down the drain to remove any temptation to drink it later in the day.  Damn growing up!  When I was twenty I wanted to drink so much gin that my sweat would be gin scented.  Now I doubt I will even want to do as an old man.  I don’t have the courage to match livers with the legend of the holy drunkard.

“Rocky” made the cut because Birdman, like Rocky, is a comeback kid.  I always found this one to be entertaining just for the chorus.

“#1 Stunna” has a super hot beat and Wayne’s repeat mannerism (“But you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be/Come on – you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be.”)  This one also has an absurd chorus beginning “James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that bitch, MacGyver.”  I recognize those characters are badass mofo’s, even #1 stunnas, but how does MacGyver top that list.  I assume the “bitch” is a positive signifier indicating that MacGyver is the top stunna of the illustrious group.

And one last thing.  On “Get High,” the phrase “if ‘if’ was a 5th we’d all be drunk” is spoken.  This phrase was used by Gary Payton during his Sonic days and a search of google reveals it recently being said by other sports figures and fans.  However, I was unable to locate any information on the origin of the phrase.  The internet has failed me.  If anyone knows anything about this phrase I’d appreciate knowing what you know.



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