Space Is the Place (Infected by the Jes Grew)


I discovered Sun Ra when I was around 19 years old.  The first time I heard his music, I was pulled in by the mystery.  A philosopher who spoke through notes as much as words; a divining rod of the cosmos.  Sun Ra!  Some believe he was a celestial being who decided to stop by earth for a moment to enlighten humankind about the true nature of the universe and spread peace and understanding.  Claiming he was from Saturn and a member of the “Angel Race,” the unconventional music was just an extension of an unconventional lifestyle.  “Normal” people will see a crazed man with a fondness for wearing costumes  and playing off kilter music.  Pay no heed to their gibber jabber.  Ra’s work has a unique majesty.

Ra transcended the trappings of materiality and permanence.  One of the most fascinating characters I have come across, I’d recommend personally exploring him.  ( If you’re looking to escape, space is the place.


Sound of Joy (1957) is one of Ra’s earliest recordings.  This was before the electronic madness made possible by the coming technological revolution, so the music isn’t as experimental and is thus much more accessible.  I have the cd reissue, which contains two bonus tracks.

Track Listing:1. “El is a Sound of Joy”
2. “Overtones of China”
3. “Two Tones”
4. “Paradise”
5. “Planet Earth”
6. “Ankh”
7. “Saturn”
8. “Reflections in Blue”
9. “El Viktor”
10. “As You Once Were”
11. “Dreams Come True”

Sun Ra: Piano, Wurlitzer electric piano
Art Hoyle: Trumpet
Dave Young: Trumpet
John Avant or Julian Priester-trombone
Pat Patrick: Alto sax, tenor sax
John Gilmore: Tenor sax
Charles Davis: Baritone sax
Victor Sproles: Bass
William Cochran: Drums
Jim Herndon: Tympani, timbales


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