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The Comforting Web of Deception

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Here is a older photo I played with last night.  My computer has been giving me problems when I try to access my music software, but I think I solved the problem tonight.  Still, I now have no desire to start working on music at such a late hour.  Watch out for the webs people weave with their words.  Talking isn’t the same as walking, Obama.


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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised is a compilation of material recorded between 1970 and 1972, with an emphasis on Gil’s singing.  Gil is a wonderful poet and musician who blended sociopolitical commentary with introspection.

Track Listing

1.    Revolution Will Not Be Televised, The
2.    Sex Education-Ghetto Style
3.    Get Out of the Ghetto Blues, The
4.    No Knock
5.    Lady Day and John Coltrane
6.    Pieces of a Man
7.    Home Is Where the Hatred Is
8.    Brother
9.    Save the Children
10.    Whitey on the Moon
11.    Did You Hear What They Said?
12.    When You Are Who You Are
13.    I Think I’ll Call It Morning
14.    Sign of the Ages
15.    Or Down You Fall
16.    Needle’s Eye, The
17.    Prisoner, The

Relaxing on a Lazy Afternoon (Greenspan’s Underwear Fetish)

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These are two images I created in photoshop using the night time photo below.  As nice as it has been to get a good amount of job applications out the past few day, it is even nicer to step away from that task for the day and work on creative endeavors.  Taking a walk is another relaxing way to pass the day.  Even more than that, walking restores us to a more natural state.  Check out this enlightening article,


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Volunteer Slavery (Debt’s a Monkey On Your Back)

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Life is a bit unsettled currently, but at least the weather has been nice.  It has been a while since I have really tossed a Frisbee.  The plastic felt good against my fingers while watching the spinning of the disc was entrancing as usual.  Spring likes to tease with another stretch of gloom called for, but at least the season has finally turned.  Recently, I heard a whole bunch of birds chirping real early in the morning as the first light of the day began exposing the landscape below.  I don’t really believe in Put , but I do trust the birds and tree buds.  As much as I’m a night owl, another reason I do like staying up late is the chance to hear the birds stir in the morning.  In Seattle, it also a time of day when the fog can be especially crazy.  Earlier this year I witnessed a fog so heavy it turned into snow-like flakes.  I do not know exactly what it was, but it was very unusual.

Anyways, it is always nice to listen to the birds communicating and imagining the conversations they are having.  Like listening to waves crashing or water running over rocks, it is a simple, yet essential pleasure.  Recently, I have been out during business hours more and have been aurally attacked by car horns.  For all the noise pollution though, many people choose to tune out the sounds of the world with headphones or car stereos.  Sometimes, it is necessary, such as when people talk way too loudly on the bus.

And speaking of tuning out the world, I have a soul masterpiece, Al Green’s soul masterpiece Call Me (1973), worthy of your earholes on this gotta get over the hump day.  Al sings his brand of soul over gorgeous musicianship, which includes strings and horns.  You can hear the basis of “Let’s Stay Together” in “You Ought To Be With Me.”  I am a big fan of the emotional quality of “Jesus Is Waiting.”


Somehow my boat still floats and for now that is enough to maintain hope.  I recently finished two excellent books, Kafka’s The Trial and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, that I highly recommend.


Tigers please avoid a start like last season.

There’s Gonna Be a Party For Days (Bootsy, Tigers, & Spartans, Oh My!)

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Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday!  I present some more Bootsy today, but first a ramble.

I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer screen.  I have an addiction to knowledge and the internet has put a whole world of information at your fingertips, in a way that the antiquated .  No doubt, I am big proponent of physical reading material.  It can be read without electricity; reading a book is romantic, reading a kindle is efficient and efficiency is overrated.  If you free up more time, you just have more time to kill.

Anyways, I intake a lot of information about the world.  I can’t help but look big picture, it is just the way my brain is wired.  If I wasn’t able to laugh at the absurdity and stupidity of humankind, I couldn’t bear to stick around this earthly realm unless I wasn’t able to afford to travel around the world and experience as much of the world as I could handle.  Thankfully, I am still able to laugh and for my salvation from a very bitter, cynical  to a cynical, pessimistic optimist.  I think it has to do with the fact I don’t fear death because I don’t fear the unexpected after body death.

I want the world to become more just; for people in America to realize that our way of life is not sustainable environmentally, economically, or spiritually; .  I just doubt the capability of America to change.  I wonder if citizens are educated enough to see the oligarchy running things and have the courage to work to overthrow it, which will require people to overcome their fear of scary news, which the ruling classes dispense through their mainstream media.  I ultimately figure worst case, my body perishes; best case, my body perishes.  For now, my guiding idea is we can’t let them who surround us defeat us because we really surround them.  Now if I can just figure out who them is.


Excuse the above typing, for I my bigger reason for posting on the warmest day I have experienced in many months is to give up the Funk.  As I stated above,  I am going to follow last week’s Bootsy post with another.  This time, it is a live show, recorded in Louisville, from 1978.  The only thing better than Bootsy is live Bootsy, where hardcore bass orgies occurred on the regular.  Just lend Bootsy your ear and soak in his cheer.

Bootsy knew how to work a crowd and his Rubber Band knew how to play the Funk.  This recording captures the Rubber Band in their funky ripeness.  I like this album better than the studio recordings, which are still outstanding but seemed to bring a little too much polish.  Live, the space bass is unrestrained and Funk electricity oozes out of the band.  Funky flute and heavy bass get equal attention on ” Bootsy? (What Is the Name of This Town).”  Space bass is all up in your face on “Psychoticbumpschool.”  Extending the “party for days” chorus, Bootsy gets the crowd worked into a frenzy on “Hollywood Squares.”


Catfish and Bootsy goes off on “Very Yes.”  Maceo and the horns add a whole new element to “Can’t Stay Away.”  Next up is the monstrous “Stretchin’ Out,” a hair-raising, spine-tingling jam with a pulse that builds and builds getting the audience on the verge of climax and teasingly holds it there for as an almost unbearably long time before providing release.  This one is sonic speed.  If I were asleep and someone started bumping this one, I would up like a cat hearing the rattle of a laser pointer.

The relief doesn’t last long, as Bootsy busts into “‘I’d Rather Be With You,” which was one of his premier bass orgy songs.  Bootzilla requests a floating vibe before going into foreplay.  You risk permanent damage if you’re not properly lubricated before hearing his poppin’, fuzzed space bass solo.  Bootsy is one of the best at making the bass talk, this version of “I’d Rather Be With You” is a marvelous demonstration of his skill and Bootsy doing a Jimi-Hendrix thing on bass.  “Bootzilla” includes some Motor Booty riffs among the classical theme and “America the Beautiful” and “Star Spangled Banner.”

The recording quality isn’t the best, you can hear a buzzing sound throughout, but it doesn’t matter for the Funk overwhelms.  Bootsy and the crew make it sound so easy, but it isn’t easy to be that funky.  And don’t mistake his levity for shallowness, as Andre 3000 said “I might look kinda funny, but I ain’t no fool.”

If I had access to a time machine for just one trip, I would pick a vintage P-Funk show, perhaps one of the funk festival performances so I could see a bunch of great bands.  For all of the moments to pick from, I would go with P-Funk .  I have felt multiple times the transcendental power of a great show.  I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than seeing the Parliament-Funkadelic empire throwing down a classic performance.  Eddie Hazel would have to be present and up front.  Huzzah for transcendental moments.  Go Spartans!  Go Tigers!  It truly is spring for regular season baseball is upon us.  Only several months before it becomes a real grind.

Track Listing

1    Intro-Maceo        :20
2    Bootsy? (What Is the Name of This Town)    Parker, Clinton, Collins    3:12
3    Rubber Duckie    Clinton, Cooper, Collins    :53
4    Psychoticbumpschool    Worrell, Clinton, Collins, Collins    3:14
5    Pinnochio Theory    Clinton, Collins    6:26
6    Hollywood Squares    Clinton, Collins    5:39
7    Roto-Rooter    Clinton, Collins, Collins    3:44
8    Very Yes    Clinton, Collins, Collins    5:28
9    Can’t Stay Away    Clinton, Collins    6:07
10    Stretchin’ Out (In a Rubber Band)    Clinton, Collins    11:23
11    I’d Rather Be With You    Collins, Clinton, Cooper    10:18
12    Aah the Name Is Bootsy, Baby    Parker, Clinton, Collins    4:25
13    Bootzilla    Collins, Clinton    6:21

Jamaican E.T. Phone Home

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It is a gorgeous, sunny, even hot, day in Seattle.  Thinking of a 63 degree day as hot is strange, but after the weather we’ve been having it feels very warm.  Naturally, I am sitting in front of a computer screen.  With such fine weather, it is time to bust out some fine dub so here is Lee Perry & the Upsetters Return of the Wax (1975).


Track Listing

1. “Last Blood”
2. “Deathly Hands”
3. “Kung Fu Warrior”
4. “Dragon Slayer”
5. “Judgement Day”
6. “One Armed Boxes”
7. “Big Boss”
8. “Fists of Vengeance”
9. “Samurai Swordsman”
10. “Final Weapon”

Good Morning Sunshine

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The weather in Seattle recently has been brutal.  Cold and gray for most of the past few weeks, including some snow late last night, it finally has broken at least for a few days.  Any reprieve from the cruel  is extremely welcome.  The grooves of Carl Carlton’s 4 (1981) are apt to improve a mood regardless of weather, but 4 sounds exceptionally wonderful sustained sunlight.  Carl, a Detroit native, sounds like Stevie Wonder at times.  The whole record has a steppin’ vibe too it.  Many of the licks seemed familiar to me, but I can’t currently place them.  Look out for the addictive groove of “She’s a Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked).”  You can read more about Carl and the unique story behind his discovery at  I even kind of have my midi controller working.  Now if only an employer would get back to me.


Ooh, what rippling muscles

Track Listing:

1. Sexy Lady – Carl Carlton, McGloiry, Michael
2. Let Me Love You ‘Til the Morning Comes – Carl Carlton, Carlton, Carl
3. Don’t You Wanna Make Love – Carl Carlton, Lattimore, E.
4. This Feeling’s Rated X-Tra
5. She’s a Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked)
6. I’ve Got That Boogie Fever
7. I Think It’s Gonna Be Alright – Carl Carlton, McGloiry, Michael
8. Fighting in the Name of Love