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Knockin’ Like Donkey Kong

Posted in Funk, Music on April 23, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Today is a good day.  I finally received the RAM I ordered and hot damn my computer feels good.  I have yet to try out Ableton or Photoshop, but I am sure they will be much more fun to operate.  So today’s post will be short, sweet, and bongolicious.  Bongo Rock (1973) is most famous for “Apache,” which has been sampled myriad times.  This version is 2006 re-release with a lot of extra tracks.

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Ape Man Trodding Through Creation (Large Melons, Doo Dah!)

Posted in Art, Detroit Tigers, Dub, zombies on April 22, 2009 by trapperKeeper


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend all three Tiger-Mariner games.  The Tigers’ stellar pitching, besides Verlander’s horrible 5th inning, and small ball carried them to two victories.  Friday, I went with a friend, who had the brilliant observation that Polanco’s large melon would be a salivating sight for a zombie.  Carlos Guillen played left field very poorly.  He also didn’t deliver very much at the plate that night, or any of the games for that matter.  Being back in the ballpark was a nice feeling.  I love hearing the murmur of the many conversations.

Saturday, I had a real fun time with my friend Blaine.  Sitting in the bleachers, the chance for hilarious drunks was higher than the seats on Friday night.  The crowd still seemed fairly sober, which I guess is a good thing, but when I go to a game part of the fun is drinking and watching intoxed individuals.  Working at Copa could get tedious, but the drunks were usually enough to keep things entertaining whether they were being kicked out angrily or just getting down.  Everything still seems to pale in comparison to the legendary drunkeness of old Tiger Stadium for which I was born too young.  Anyhow, there were two entertaining/annoying women in our section.  One woman, who I never got a look at, made a “laa la la la la la la” noise many times.  Often, her efforts were punctuated with a “Hurricane!” from this woman right above my friend and I.

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A Place in the Sun For You & Me

Posted in Detroit Tigers, Music on April 17, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Dr. Common Sense, and I don’t mean  Thomas Paine or Glenn Beck, put on yet another teen sexting episode yesterday.  I only caught snippets in between some housework, but it was more of the same from the good doctor.  Sexting won’t stop, but hopefully the poorly thought out application of sex laws will.  Anyhow, I have Brainticket’s second record, Psychonaut (1972), which isn’t nearly as good or interesting as their debut, Cottonwoodhill and can be found here,


Still, Psychonaut is a solid psychedelic rock album, which is why it can’t stand up to the electronic madness of their debut.  However, this approach does make Psychonaut much more accessible.  A variety of ethnic instruments are present in addition to the toned-down electronic elements.

Track Listing

1. Radagacuca (7:24)
2. One Morning (3:51)
3. Watchin’ You (5:15)
4. Like A Place In The Sun (6:28)
5. Feel The Wind Blow (3:32)
6. Coc’O Mary (6:08)

I’ll be attending the Tigers-Mariners game tonight.  Hopefully, the result will be better this time.  Huzzah for baseball in the sun.  Go get ’em Tigers!

My Fieldtrip to Justin Warfield’s Mind

Posted in Hip Hop, Music on April 16, 2009 by trapperKeeper


After getting a usable, but fairly cheap desktop almost a year ago I appallingly have yet to do much upgrading to it.  Limited by 512 MB of RAM, which means periods of glacial speed due to my tendency to be running too many programs at once or because of certain programs heavy requirements, I have been getting increasingly annoyed with sitting and waiting for the computer to come too.  Having just ordered a RAM upgrade, my time spent staring at a screen should be much more lovely than before within a week.  Hopefully, I will not be slowed by computer as much as in the past.


This kind of activity,, is not rare from my limited knowledge of the subject of other countries adapting American sitcoms.  American networks have certainly reached out over the oceans for inspiration.  I have recently seen a Russian version of “Married… with Children” on Wholphin: Volume 4.


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Nicotine, Beer, & (Un)funky Funk

Posted in Detroit Tigers, Funk, life, Music, Seattle on April 15, 2009 by trapperKeeper


There is some fire below in the form of a rare David Byrne recording at the bottom of this post.

Computers have been an annoying the past few days.  The laptop couldn’t talk to the internet despite being connected.  This problem pales in comparison to the issue of Ableton’s sudden, unfixable problem of a runtime error.  After looking into many possible causes and trying different solutions, the problem remained unresolved.  I finally achieved success today and got Ableton working again.  I was starting to get real annoyed because I wanted to keep up my learning and had just consistently gotten the midi controller working.  So now it is back on.  My only current issue are poorly performing knobs, which don’t properly pan.

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Do you feel Funky? Well, do ya punk?

Posted in Funk, Music, P-Funk on April 13, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday!!  Today, I present a hot live show from 1976.

“Cosmic Slop” opens with different guitar shredding than the other live versions I’ve heard.  Stella doesn’t seem to care much for music, but she will respond to Parliament Funkadelic.  She’ll investigate and stare at the sub-woofer.  I don’t know if it’s the frequencies given off or if there is another explanation, but it happens.  There are brief snippets of poor sound, but otherwise it is a clean, quality recording.  George’s verses on “Let’s Take It To The Stage” are some of his dirtiest and funniest.  The band has some fun on an extended “Dr. Funkenstein.”  Bernie drops some science while guitar strings rapidly vibrate.


This Dallas show is fiyo, so make sure to have some cold refreshment nearby.  Clint prefers PBR.  I happen to have one cold PBR in the cooling box, so I’ll join him.  When you drink with fictional characters you aren’t drinking alone.


1. Cosmic Slop
2. Let’s Take It To The Stage
3. Do That Stuff
4. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
5. The Undisco Kid
6. Mothership Connection
7. Dr. Funkenstein
8. Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain
9. Give Up The Funk
10. Night Of The Thumpasaurus Peoples
11. We Want The Funk
12.  Funkin’ For Fun

Hallucinating the Vampire Class Away (Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders)

Posted in Music on April 10, 2009 by trapperKeeper


The list of persons Bill Laswell has collaborated with is impressive.  On Hallucination Engine (1994), he works with some old friends (Bootsy, Sly) and new.  Some of the songs are a big indulgent, but the strong cuts on the record overwhelm them.  The exotic groove of “Mantra” is enchanting.  William Burroughs drops some hilarity on “Word of Advice.”  Busting into jazz-funk on “Cucumber Slumber (Fluxus Mix),” Material covers the Weather Report.  John Coltrane is covered on the latter half of “The Hidden Garden / Naima.”

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