Swine Flu Madness (God Is Angry @ Baconnaise)


Welcome to Swine Flu Pandemic 2009 sale event, which coincides with the going out of business everything must go sale.  And just in time for our last Mothers’ Day sale.  What does all that mean?  A smorgasbord of entertainment (clowns painting faces, celebrity dunk tank with Porky the Pig, carnival games that test your survival skills) and food (cotton candy, hot dogs, icees, dry rations) will be provided after you prove you’re not infected with the swine flu.  Once inside, you’ll find beds, fridges, microwaves, gas masks, duct tape, plastic sheeting and more.


What doesn’t say best son/daughter than a new or used protective suit.  This act will surely move you up on whatever is left of the inheritance.  If you are really sick (mind sick, not swine flu sick), you will sabotage the very suit meant to protect them.  You know what I’m sayin’?


If you don’t know what I’m sayin’ than you are probably not clever enough to pull off the scheme.  Anyhow, the best way to avoid swine flu is abstinence.  If you are going to engage in any activities with swine, protection is recommended.  Onwards to some music that enraged the pigs back in the early 1970s.

Eugene McDaniels’ Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse (1971) has been sampled by many, including the great Pete Rock, and for good reason.  Headless Heroes mixes funk, soul, blues, rock, folk and jazz.  In short, the album is catholic, as in broad-minded not christian.  McDaniels’ message was radical; his lyrics were blunt.  Shockingly, he was not loved by the Establishment.  The story goes that Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s VP, called up and complained about the albums lyrics.  Headless Heroes was banned in the United States for the anti-Nixon and anti-Semitic messages.  Eugene isn’t much of a singer, but the honesty and passion behind his words are enough to make you forgive and forget.  The dark mood surrounding Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse works very well in our current situation.

“Jagger the Dagger” is about Mick Jagger’s alleged involvement in Satanic rituals.  “Headless Heroes” is an anti-war song, but of a different stripe than most anti-war songs of the counterculture era.  During the time of this recording, the Vietnam War was being fought.  A fact I am sure influenced McDaniels.  Still, “Headless Heroes” is more concerned with the reason behind homo-sapiens’ violence towards each other.  Initially striking for its’ blunt language, Eugene pulls the curtain back on the forces responsible for the manipulating the different tribes of humankind into conflicts and goes a bit deeper than most anti-war songs.

Tackling racism on “Supermarket Blues,” McDaniels gets folky on the delivery and reminds me a lot of Gil Scot Heron.  “The Parasite (For Buffy)” finds Eugene ripping the Pilgrims a new one, even referring to them as “Huns,” who came here speaking nicely (“we’re your brothers”) while acting like savages.  McDaniels’ historical narrative on “The Parasite (For Buffy)” is much more accurate than the myth I remember learning as a youth.  On this one, he reminds me of Richie Havens.



Track Listing:

1. “The Lord is Back” – 3:19
2. “Jagger the Dagger” – 6:02
3. “Lovin’ Man” – 4:47
4. “Headless Heroes” – 3:32
5. “Susan Jane” – 2:10
6. “Freedom Death Dance” – 4:16
7. “Supermarket Blues” – 4:08
8. “The Parasite (For Buffy)” – 9:36


* Harry Whitaker – piano
* Gary King – electric bass
* Miroslav vitous – acoustic bass
* Alphonse Mouzon – drums
* Richie Resnikoff – guitar
* Carla Cargill – female vocals

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