Step Into the Sunshine


Waking up pretty early today, in order to catch some breakfast with a friend who works overnights, has put me in no mood to do any substantial writing.  I actually feel like taking a nap, something I rarely ever contemplate doing, and have some errands to run.  In other words, today’s post will be short and funky like Bernie Worrell.

Manu Dibango, a native of Cameron, has a long, storied musical career.  He is most famous for his jazz saxophone work.  On Africadelic (1973), he keeps it plenty funky mixing African and Latin American sounds.  Allegedly, it was composed and recorded in one week after Soul Makossa (1972) proved to be such a hit.  What an inspired week that must have been.  Africadelic is chock full of horns, percussion jams, and funky guitars.  There are some nice breaks to be pulled off of this one.


Ferocious drumming and psychedelic guitar mix potently on “Afro Soul.”  Inspired by the wa wa and sounding a bit like African Shaft, Manu’s “Wa Wa” pulsates with African rhythm.

Track Listing

1 The Panther 2:29
2 Soul Fiesta 2:08
3 Africadelic 2:16
4 African Battle 3:00
5 Black Beauty 2:50
6 African Carnaval 3:16
7 Moving Waves 4:03
8 Afro-Soul 2:44
9 Oriental Sunset 1:47
10 Monkey Beat 2:42
11 Wa-Wa 3:03
12 Percussion Storm 1:54

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