Knockin’ Like Donkey Kong


Today is a good day.  I finally received the RAM I ordered and hot damn my computer feels good.  I have yet to try out Ableton or Photoshop, but I am sure they will be much more fun to operate.  So today’s post will be short, sweet, and bongolicious.  Bongo Rock (1973) is most famous for “Apache,” which has been sampled myriad times.  This version is 2006 re-release with a lot of extra tracks.


1. Apache (4:51)
2. Let There Be Drums (2:39)
3. Bongolia (2:13)
4. Last Bongo In Belgium (6:53)
5. Dueling Bongos (2:56)
6. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (7:41)
7. Raunchy ’73 (3:22)
8. Bongo Rock (2:37)
9. Kiburi (Part 1) (2:15)
10. Sing Sing Sing (4:14)
11. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (4:01)
12. Wipeout (4:30)
13. When The Bed Breaks Down, I’ll Meet You In The Spring (2:33)
14. Pipeline (3:53)
15. Okey Dokey (2:50)
16. Sharp Nine (3:14)
17. Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley, Your Tie’s Caught In Your Zipper (2:43)
18. Apache (Grandmaster Flash Remix) (7:27)
19. Last Bongo In Belgium (Breakers Mix) (6:29)


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