Cheeseburger Picnic in Trailer Park Paradise


After working on music for a lot of the day and night I decided to record something to show for work.  While doing a quick edit the track got messed up and my last save also didn’t load up correctly.  In short, I lost the effort but rallied energy to record again.  One day while watching March Madness I came up with a beat that I liked a lot.  I went back to that beat today, which is now known as “Om,” due to the original sample being the monk  chant.  There is still mixing to do.  I’m not sure about the guitar part yet, I might ditch it.


Everything is much easier now thanks to the RAM arriving.  My addiction to Ableton is getting stronger.  The other day I was messing around with some Trailer Park Boy samples.  Running into memory issues, I could only go so far.  I was messing around with different virtual instruments trying to see what to throw away into the virtual landfill and what has real potential.  The sitar loop got slightly messed up.  I was messing around with different synth sounds at the end.  This one is real raw.  I still enjoy it because it is about one of my favorite shows, TPB.  Cheers to Mr. Lahey, the best trailer park supervisor and shit philosopher of modern times.  Oh, give me a home where Jim Lahey roams.  Beware of the “Winds of Shit!”


I have been feeling intense TPB cravings.  It has been a while since I have watched the show besides snippets on the internet.  Still, despite seeing TPB many times I can handle watching it all again if the right person is around to enjoy it with.  On a last note, there were some real nice clouds in the sky today and I enjoyed a delicious enough cheeseburger.

One Response to “Cheeseburger Picnic in Trailer Park Paradise”

  1. I learned much from reading this entry. Sadly, I had not heard of TPB. Sometimes I feel so illiterate. I like reading what you have to say about music, how you describe it.

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