Ape Man Trodding Through Creation (Large Melons, Doo Dah!)


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend all three Tiger-Mariner games.  The Tigers’ stellar pitching, besides Verlander’s horrible 5th inning, and small ball carried them to two victories.  Friday, I went with a friend, who had the brilliant observation that Polanco’s large melon would be a salivating sight for a zombie.  Carlos Guillen played left field very poorly.  He also didn’t deliver very much at the plate that night, or any of the games for that matter.  Being back in the ballpark was a nice feeling.  I love hearing the murmur of the many conversations.

Saturday, I had a real fun time with my friend Blaine.  Sitting in the bleachers, the chance for hilarious drunks was higher than the seats on Friday night.  The crowd still seemed fairly sober, which I guess is a good thing, but when I go to a game part of the fun is drinking and watching intoxed individuals.  Working at Copa could get tedious, but the drunks were usually enough to keep things entertaining whether they were being kicked out angrily or just getting down.  Everything still seems to pale in comparison to the legendary drunkeness of old Tiger Stadium for which I was born too young.  Anyhow, there were two entertaining/annoying women in our section.  One woman, who I never got a look at, made a “laa la la la la la la” noise many times.  Often, her efforts were punctuated with a “Hurricane!” from this woman right above my friend and I.

This female was the star of the show, despite showing up late.  She appeared to be around 40, painted clogs for a living (or was at least attempting to) and had recently finished a dental hygienist program.  There was some more to her story but I can’t remember the details now.   Getting increasingly buzzed as the game went on, she became emboldened.  The “Hurricane!,” which still makes no sense, was only one of her patterns.  Another interesting one was her “Doo dah!”, which was first funny than annoying than funny again.  She would use it at the end of sentences.  For example, “Griffey get a hit. Doo dah!”  By the end of the game it had morphed into a slurred “Doooo daah!”  She must have used this exclamation upwards of thirty times.  She became a bit sad when she couldn’t get anymore to drink due to MLB-imposed cutting of alcohol sales after the 7th inning.  The amazing thing was that not one person in her group, including her boyfriend, ever attempted to get her to modify her behavior.  She wasn’t boorish, just loud and ignorant of baseball.  Still, I figured her boyfriend might have tried some gentle persuasion to get her to pipe down a little.

Sunday’s game was fun and a good time, just a little boring fanwise.  Being Sunday, it was a overly family friendly game complete with face painters and other forms of entertainment for young children.  It has been a long time since I have witnessed such a large number of children at a sporting event.  Thankfully, the game was a good one to watch with Porcello’s efficient performance and the usual battering of Carlos Silva.


After some gorgeous weather, Seattle gray is back.  Thankfully, it isn’t supposed to stick around for too long.  One way to beat back the gray and get over the hump is with some mind altering dub.  Lee Perry & the Upsetters’ Super Ape (1976) is a atmospheric masterpiece of swirling textures.  One of the creators of dub, ‘Stratch’ is a mad scientist.  On Super Ape, his explorations into the world of the sound are majestic and epic.



“Dread Lion” is my favorite cut on the record due to its’ deep and heavy sound.  “Underground” is another beast.

All tracks composed by Lee “Scratch” Perry

Side one

1. “Zion’s Blood”
2. “Croaking Lizard”
3. “Black Vest”
4. “Underground”
5. “Curly Dub”

Side two

1. “Dread Lion”
2. “Three in One”
3. “Patience”
4. “Dub Along”
5. “Super Ape”


* Lee Perry – producer
* Mikey Boo – drums
* Benbow Creary – drums
* Noel “Skully” Simms – percussion
* Boris Gardiner – bass
* Earl “Chinna” Smith – guitar
* Keith Sterling – piano
* Bobby Ellis – horns
* “Dirty” Harry Hall – horns
* Herman Marquis – horns
* Vin Gordon – trombone
* Egbert Evans – flute
* Barry Llewellyn – backing vocals
* Earl Morgan – backing vocals
* Tony Wright – cover art

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