My Fieldtrip to Justin Warfield’s Mind


After getting a usable, but fairly cheap desktop almost a year ago I appallingly have yet to do much upgrading to it.  Limited by 512 MB of RAM, which means periods of glacial speed due to my tendency to be running too many programs at once or because of certain programs heavy requirements, I have been getting increasingly annoyed with sitting and waiting for the computer to come too.  Having just ordered a RAM upgrade, my time spent staring at a screen should be much more lovely than before within a week.  Hopefully, I will not be slowed by computer as much as in the past.


This kind of activity,, is not rare from my limited knowledge of the subject of other countries adapting American sitcoms.  American networks have certainly reached out over the oceans for inspiration.  I have recently seen a Russian version of “Married… with Children” on Wholphin: Volume 4.


Moreover, I know the Wholphin series has other versions of adapted American shows.  They are kind of interesting to watch for like 3-4 minutes then they revert to crappy television.

Musically, today I have a real gem of a hip hop album, Justin Warfield’s My Fieldrip to Planet 9 (1993).  Produced by Prince Paul and QDIII, aka Quincy Jones’ son, My Fieldtrip to Planet 9 is perhaps the most psychedelic hip hop record ever.  In fact, My Fieldtrip to Planet 9 is a pinnacle of true trip hop.  Stellar production and solid rhymes make Planet 9 a worthy relic of hip hop’s golden age.

A sample utilized on “K Sera Sera” was also used by Prince Paul on De La Soul’s “Keepin’ the Faith” from their 1991 release De La Soul Is Dead.  “Glass Tangerine” has awesome drums “Pick It Up Y’All” has a Flava Flav noise sample.  Justin speaks non sequitur’s underneath on the fuzzy, lysergic guitar “Stormclouds Left of Heaven.”


1      Tequila Flats (Ghosts of Laurel Canyon)
2     Introduction by Ellis Dee
3     Dip Dip Divin’
4     K Sera Sera
5     Fisherman’s Grotto
6     Live from the Opium Den
7     Glass Tangerine
8     Guavafish Centipede (Aquatic Meditations)
9     Teenage Caligula
10     Cool Like the Blues
11     Drugstore Cowboy
12     Pick It Up Y’all
13     B Boys on Acid
14     Stormclouds Left of Heaven
15     Thoughts in the Buttermilk

Personnel: Justin Warfield (vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming); Ellis Dee (vocals); Scott Harding (guitar); Michael Blake (saxophone); Steve Bernstein (trumpet); Goffrey Moore (bass).
Producers: Prince Paul Huston, Quincy D. Jones III, Justin Warfield.
Engineers: Scott Harding, Bob Morse, Jason Roberts.
All songs written or co-written by Justin Warfield. Contains samples from 9 songs, including “People Make The World Go Round” (Thom Bell/Linda Creed); “Wives And Lovers” (Burt Bacharach/Hal David); “Hold It, Now Hit It” (as performed by the Beastie Boys); and “Ode To Billie Joe” (as performed by Lou Donaldson).

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