Relaxing on a Lazy Afternoon (Greenspan’s Underwear Fetish)


These are two images I created in photoshop using the night time photo below.  As nice as it has been to get a good amount of job applications out the past few day, it is even nicer to step away from that task for the day and work on creative endeavors.  Taking a walk is another relaxing way to pass the day.  Even more than that, walking restores us to a more natural state.  Check out this enlightening article,



Stella has been loving the stretch of nice weather.  Alan Greenspan, pusher of the free market, used the sales of male underwear as a barometer of the economy.

“[Greenspan] once told me that if you think about all the garments in the household, the garment that is most private is the male underpant, because nobody sees it except people in the locker room, but who cares,” Krulwich told NPR. “Your children need clothes, your wife needs clothes that have to change, your children grow, you need clothes on the outside. But the last purchase that you don’t have to make is underpants…. [men wear them until they are in] total tatters.”


With free balling and kriss kross dressing becoming the latest hipster rages and the boomers retire into adult diapers, a new gauge will have to be established.



Oh so dreamy


Too tired to operate tongue

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