Jamaican E.T. Phone Home

It is a gorgeous, sunny, even hot, day in Seattle.  Thinking of a 63 degree day as hot is strange, but after the weather we’ve been having it feels very warm.  Naturally, I am sitting in front of a computer screen.  With such fine weather, it is time to bust out some fine dub so here is Lee Perry & the Upsetters Return of the Wax (1975).



Track Listing

1. “Last Blood”
2. “Deathly Hands”
3. “Kung Fu Warrior”
4. “Dragon Slayer”
5. “Judgement Day”
6. “One Armed Boxes”
7. “Big Boss”
8. “Fists of Vengeance”
9. “Samurai Swordsman”
10. “Final Weapon”


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