I Just Love My Country, and I Fear For It (Ignore the Neo-Cons & Liberals Behind the Curtain)


I didn’t expect the neo-cons to go away quietly. They are attempting to work with Obama, particularly in regards to Afghanistan.  Like Kwame Kilpatrick, they believe in their mission and their destiny.  Neo-cons aren’t even conservative, they’re just interventionists pretending to be conservative.  Sadly, the neo-cons were celebrating Obama’s policy because they agree with it.  Neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism have some beliefs in common, including American exceptionalism and the faith in capitalism and the “free” market.


Anyone expecting change from Obama better be staring the truth in the face.  We aren’t getting any real change.  Obama is a defender of the establishment.  Even if he weren’t, the Bush administration placed many loyalists in government positions that Obama would have to spend enormous amounts of energy and capital to fighting the bureaucracy to get reforms enacted and actually done.  As Rome burned, Nero fiddled.  As America burns, Obama assault the public with a PR display meant to portray him as an everyman to cover up the pillaging by Wall Street.

If the federal government of Wall Street isn’t careful, it is going to generate more than death threats or even bosses being held hostage like in France.  At least, the threats will create jobs.  The powerful elites are going to need to build bigger walls, maybe even moats, to protect themselves if they continue down the path they’re on.  Not everyone can be employed as a repo man and there is only so much garbage to pick through.  Down with the oligarchy!


Can you feel the populist rage coursing through the collective veins.  Where is the Gipper to save the day?  Oh wait, I think I see Ronald Reagan.  Can it be, a Zombie Reagan?  Oh wait, it’s just Barack Obama doing his best Reagan impression.  I checked Huffingtonpost this evening to find another person comparing Obama to Reagan.


I fear for my country.  Take it away Glenn.


Has there ever been a greater beacon of warning than Glenn.  Maybe, Paul Revere.  Maybe.  Anyway, I don’t mean to rant, but Jeeper Creepers (Slacker God) I get perturbed by the actions of the actions of individuals, particularly ones who work in our controlling institutions.  Please save us Jeepers!



Music is medicine I seek in many moods, including my current one.  Instead of offering gentle, easy listening fair today I present Funky Woman, my first compilation.  I don’t post much music made by females.  Some of it has to do with the genres I listen to most (funk, electronica, dub and hip hop) were/are dominated by men.  Certainly, there are many talented female artists performing many styles of music.  Tina Weymouth is a bad ass bass player.  The Family Stone was a fully integrated band.  The women heard on this compilation are talented and funky.  Betty Davis was even too funky for Miles Davis.  It only takes about two seconds of hearing her to realize she is one of the funkiest beings of all time.

But back to female representation in my music collection, which for all its’ differences would probably look similar to most males’ collections in regard to the male/female issue.  This isn’t something that is inherently sexist and wrong and makes you a horrible, flawed person.  It is just something to think about.

Anyways, I shouldn’t leave the ladies waiting.  So here is volume one of Funky Woman, named after the great Parliament song.  When the Funk wants out, there is no stopping it.  I wasn’t in the mood to be listening to gentle Brazilian melodies.  Warning: If you get an erection lasting longer than four hours due to Betty Davis please immediately consult a physician.




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