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King Kwame’s Texts (Who Wants Wendy’s? I’m Buying)

Posted in Detroit, humor, politics on March 25, 2009 by trapperKeeper


After reading and taking notes on the first 170 pages of Kwame’s texts, I realized I have no current interest in spending time on Kwame’s texts.  Here are notes on the first 170 pages, which ranged from boring to dumbfounding to hilarious.  Kwame loves to write in capital letters.  At times I left his capital sentences.  Other times,  I typed them normally. Here are a few other things Kwame is fond of, in no particular order: women, sex, vacation, Wendy’s, using cheesy pop culture references to express of love.  Here are things he doesn’t like: rules, needling press, other men with his women, people with knowledge of his shenanigans, and possibly white people (at least the ones not part of his corrupt empire).  Before going onto the texts let me say one thing.  Detroit please don’t re-elect him mayor in the future.  You would think the stench off Kwame would be strong enough to end his political career, but he still has supporters, extreme confidence, and a sense of destiny/entitlement.

A text from Carlita, Kwame’s wife, on June 12, 2002 is of importance to government corruption watchdogs.  Kwame was notoriously corrupt and abused his power in many ways, including securing a vehicle for his wife using Detroit city funds.

6/12/02 Carlita Kilpatrick (Kwame’s wife): Any word on my Navigator?

The same day KK got this text from an unknown person, who appears to work for Ford based on their and I assume is female.  Unless Kwame had a side thing for men.  Her text (Ebony KK): “I left you a voice message. So nice to know you’re thinking about me,” elicited this response from Kwame: “Can’t get you out of my system! Don’t want to either. Have a wonderful day.”

Many of Kwame and Beatty texts are about their relationship, including the sexual side.  There are blacked out sections of the texts, at least the ones I have read so far.  Some of the blacked-out parts are people’s contact information.  Other sections may have been blacked out due to sexual explicitness.  Although, other sexual oriented texts are left untouched.  A brief warning, from this point on there will be explicit, sexual and otherwise, language.  And now back to the story.  For example.  This one from June 2002:


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Where is Spring? (Beware of the Ides of March)

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Monikered “March Madness Dub” because I began working on it during March Madness, the song is a bit laid back for a frenzied college hoops game.  As I work more in Ableton, my ceiling i raised as my efficiency is improved.  I am trying to figure out what more could be added to this one.  Perhaps, it could use some melodica.  When will spring truly arrive in Seattle?  The weather has been gray and cold the past two days.

As Happy as a Monkey with a Peanut Machine

Posted in Funk, Music, P-Funk on March 23, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! I am being efficient/lazy with today’s funk offering, part two of Parliament Funkadelic demos from 1973.  I recently found some more live shows from varying periods, which will hopefully have some interesting variations on oft-heard songs.  “If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It” is one of my favorite performances on this disc.  Besides, of course, Eddie Hazel’s shredding on “Eddie Hazel Rocks Out (Smeeros Jam).”  Welcome the Funk for the Funk welcomes you.


Track Listing:

1. Tales Intro with George Scat
2. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg (alternate)
3. Groove to This
4. Alice In My Fantasies (alternate)
5. If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It (Instrumental)
6. Red Hot Momma (alternate)
7. Jimmys Got a Little Bit Of Bitch In Him (Instrumental)
8. Together (alternate)
9. Another Place (instrumental)
10. Ride On (alternate)
11. Groove to This (alternate)
12. Bootsy Thump
13. Eddie Hazel Rocks Out (Smeeros Jam)

Why is that Mushroom Staring at Me?

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After working on a few photos for Carley, the Photoshop bug bit for a quick minute.  Here are some new fractals and enhanced photos.

Have…a good time…all the time (Spontaneous Combustion Mix)

Posted in Adventures, Art, humor, Music, Photos on March 22, 2009 by trapperKeeper


I haven’t been taking that many photos recently due to working on music, life, and just an all around lack of inspiration to take photos.  I certainly haven’t touched Photoshop and worked on the backlog of photos I need to either edit or delete.  But last night, I worked on a few photos for Carley.  I edited the top photo above for her mom.  The one below is a Warhol Stella.  I have included a few other random photos from the past month.  Mostly, I have just been shooting clouds when I happen to notice a sky that looks interesting.  All of these photos are the wrapping and bows on the present of the Spinal Tap OST (1984).  This Is Spinal Tap is a classic, hilarious mockumentary.  “But hey, enough of my yakkin’; whaddaya say? Let’s boogie”



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We’ve Been Waiting For So Long (Give Up the Thump)

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Michigan lost today, but they gave a good fight.  They weren’t helped by the officiating.  It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Manny Harris wasn’t called for such weak fouls.  Still, UM superseded expectations and gave an entertaining, hard-fought performance.  It is about time the hoops team gets back to a respectable level.  Larry Graham is one of my bass idols.  His thump is a special, original thump.  Here is his first solo LP, Graham Central Station (1973).

March Madness (With a Kiss)

Posted in hoops on March 20, 2009 by trapperKeeper

I love March Madness.  After missing some games due to the mountain outing, I returned home in time to catch the second half of the late games.  What fine basketball entertainment I was treated to.  Ohio St-Siena went into double OT.  More importantly, Bill Raftery was announcing.  Bill is one of my favorite basketball announcers.  You can tell he truly loves basketball.  He is very loquacious while being able to explode with the moment.  My brother and I first noticed him because he would start off every game with a fervent “[insert team losing tip] is going MANtoMAN!”  A basketball poet in his best moment, Bill approaches every game with joy.  Partnered with the aging, but not dying, Verne Lundquist (who looks more like a troll the older he gets), Bill is the rare color commentator who actually adds to the game he’s announcing.


I remember an NBA Live version from the late ’90s that featured Verne as a bonus player.  He was a bowling ball of a baller at 5’3 or whatever.  I would intentionally turbo into him w/ a huge player to send him flying.  His attributes were pretty strong, so he was actually a ridiculous player.  Oh the memories.  Verne getting trucked and flying through the air.  The fouls were worth it.

Anyways, I wonder and worry about the future of announcing.  Most announcers have been in the game for a long time while many of the newer ones blow (Joe Buck).  Many of the older ones aren’t good either, but at least they have this old-time quality to them that is lacking in the new ESPN generation of announcing.  I hope technological advances will allow us to keep the old announcers around through robot AI.  Or they could live like Krang from TMNT.  I’d even take a robot Musburger provided it liked to drink.  Bender perhaps?