Ronald Reagan Bombs the U.S.S.R. (Extraterrestrials on Drugs)


As every sensible person knows Ronald Reagan was a prick.  He is loved by some and ignored by many, but make no mistake he was a total prick.  He was responsible for the murder of many innocent people, mostly poor, around the world, especially Latin America, and within the United States due to his military endeavors and his policies and actions responsible for the devastation of crack.  He oversaw a massive financial scandal, which was impressive until Wall Street’s most recent pillaging.  He was an enemy of the common man despite his ability to appeal to the common man.  People are easy to fool and Reagan was a natural spokesman for the neo-con movement.  Unfortunately, we are still suffering from his disciples.

Today, I was watching Brother From Another Planet (1984), which is a superb film about 1980s America, specifically the black experience.  While the film is not about explicitly Reagan, it is certainly is about America under his thumb.  The myth of Reagan needs to be torn down.  One anti-Reagan song, “Bonzo Goes to Washington (We Begin Bombing in 5 Minutes),” came out the same year as Brother From Another Planet. It was a collaboration between Bootsy Collins and Jerry Harrison.


12 Responses to “Ronald Reagan Bombs the U.S.S.R. (Extraterrestrials on Drugs)”

  1. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    Ronald Reagan was a great man and President. Your argument concerns “Brother from another Planet” and Bonzo Goes to Washington???? I bet you watch Star Trek every day and think that Gene Roddenberry should have sculpted modern society. Reagan’s legacy brings to mind the fall of Communism, reducing the top marginal tax rate from 72% to 28%. Bill Clinton’s legacy is Monica.

    • maggotronix Says:

      Sorry, you’re guesses are way off. I haven’t ever watched star trek. Yes, I made a few blanket statement and used some ’80s cultural creations as a background for them, but my basis for the statements about reagan are based on my study of history. Clearly, you are a shallow thinker since Bill Clinton’s legacy to you is Monica, not the his neoliberal economic policies. Reagan didn’t end communism. The idea of it is still around. Nor did he end the Soviet Union, their poorly thought out economic policies, reliance of defense spending, and expense of an empire took them down. Remind you of any other countries lately? Please do some reading and educate yourself. And lowering taxes isn’t a great thing necessarily.

    • Sandra Sadural Says:

      The year President Reagan died, my father died–one month later on the fourth of July, which was his favorite holiday. He served in the Army. a very articulate, intelligent man. Stay up and read an entire book in a night kind of guy. We watched President Reagan’s funeral together in the nursing home that afternoon and my father, who appreciated Buckley and so many others asked me who passed away…he was that sick and medicated that he didn’t even know, just that it was something very serious. I’ll say this–that your life, whoever you may be, is as good as it is because Reagan “made a difference” and “gave back to the community”, which should make the liberal scum-sucking denigrators just pee their pants out of gratitude, I’m sure. I appreciate him still and I honor him today, and his dear wife. God bless Nancy Reagan today, on this most difficult anniversary.

      • maggotronix Says:

        I want to piss on his grave. Sadly, even Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be welcome in today’s even nuttier GOP. My life is only worse because of Ronald Reagan and his legacy. Cutting social services for the poor and mentally ill, denigrating people of color, wasting our money on weapons, and disenfranchising the poor while simultaneously aiding those bringing crack into the ghettos around the country, Reagan was a hypocritical piece of shit.

  2. yo, davisoftheapes, you must love how G.W.Bush and his ilk rape our rights.
    Reagan’s legacy is the timeless value of the cheap plastic shit that he scored us from China. Thanks for securing our Happy Meals, Ronnie, and our Wal-Marts. Hate the people that rely on McDonald’s and Wal-Mart, but sell them shit they think they want; capitalize on this. With these bloated, poison profits, Reagan’s nice tax cuts for the wealthy make sense, right davisoftheapes?

    Reagan’s legacy is the IRAN CONTRA SCANDAL.
    Reagan’s legacy is the non-treatment of the AIDS epidemic at the only time when it could have been stopped.
    Reagan’s legacy is me having to piss in a cup whenever my employer desires.

    Oh, and BTW, your party squanders our nation’s $. Sure, Star Wars contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union, but couldn’t Microsoft/Apple, Coca-Cola/Nike, etc. have won the Cold War for us culturally? What about Vietnam? Your Nixon and his associated spending and killing lost that war for the U.S., right? Now Ho Chi Minh city has all the Prada, Nike, Western Capitalist brands you could ever imagine. You are foolish to think that Reagan “won” that war for us….. Bill Clinton got great head, killed next to no one, and left us with a fat piggy bank. Suck on that.

    As a card carrying member of the FTRA- Fuck the Reagan Administration/Free Train Riders of America – I hope you won’t take my word for it. Try watching something other than FOX News and reading something other than Ann Coulter.

    Yours truly, as a bonified gun-totin’, ganja-smokin’, anarchist-lovin’, spray-paintin’, hater of Reagan,


  3. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    I think lowering taxes is a “great” thing. I wish mine were lower than they are now. I believe they’re about to go up, up, and up. What do you think about Barney Frank introducing legislation to “set salaries?” The government has no business dictating salaries. Anybody’s salaries. CEO’s included. That’s not capitalism. Do you advocate capitalism?

    • maggotronix Says:

      If your idea of capitalism is what happened under the neo-cons, especially King George W, then no I don’t believe in capitalism. What they have done is run an oligarchy. I am against corporate welfare, which is what the bailout of the financial institutions is. I am for salary limits. There is no need for someone to make 500x what the lowest paid worker in their company is. Companies should work for the workers, not CEO’s and shareholders. I actually would be for paying a high share in taxes if it got me quality social services and a solid infrastructure. But I am not for paying taxes to keep buying the defense department destructive weapons and funnel people’s hard-earned money to the already disgustingly wealthy wall street bankers. Just because the current model doesn’t work doesn’t mean the idea of taxation is discredited. In short, I advocate a just economic system that is a capitalist-socialist hybrid. We have a capitalist-socialist system already, it just doesn’t work the right way.

    • soren weber Says:

      Ronald only succeeded in lowering tax for the top 5% of Americans, THATS NOT YOU FUCKTARD! THATS RICH BASTARDS HANGING OUT IN HOLLYWOOD! Only two people are in the republican party, people without souls, and people without brains, who follow the soulless, meet me anytime anywhere motherfucker and i’ll kick your republican ass.

  4. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    Have either of you studied the Fair Tax by Neal Boortz and John Linder? To be fair, a consumption tax would be the best bet. Socialism will NOT work, no matter how well intentioned. Ann Coulter is too skinny. She is way better than Rosie O’Donnel or Barbra Streisand, but still, way too skinny.

  5. Brandon Says:

    There’s actually a book about Ronald Reagan called “Tear Down This Myth.” Go here:

  6. Lol. you just don’t like Reagan because he suported the rich and didn’t give a crap about the poor or minorities. He is a conservative… of course he didn’t care, but he did turn the economy around after the 1980-82 recession. sure he spent a lot of money on weapons but that got the soviets spending some ridiculous amount of money on arms. I think it was like 96% or so. He wasn’t a bad president. Just a conservative. His view is that society should take care of the poor, not the government. Which i think is true. If you don’t like living in poverty, there is something you can do about it. THough many are stuck on stupid and live the same life they’ve always lived, its possible to break out and become successful.

    • maggotronix Says:

      joey, you are correct. Reagan was a dick who didn’t give a crap about anyone except the fabulously wealthy. One reason he had no problem stealing the American people’s resources or labor to give it to his rich backers. How can society take care of the poor if the government takes the societies resources and squanders them on weapons? Look at the income inequality in this country and how it has been growing for 30+ years. The middle class dream is dead. We live in an oligarchic, increasingly fascist corporate state. BP’s oil spill has made it perfectly clear who “our” government works for and it’s not us. Time for a revolution. Stop paying taxes to institutions that give you little or nothing in return for your sacrifice. It is increasingly clear our government works to keep themselves living fat off the public while serving the corporations that back them.

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