King Kwame’s Texts (Who Wants Wendy’s? I’m Buying)


After reading and taking notes on the first 170 pages of Kwame’s texts, I realized I have no current interest in spending time on Kwame’s texts.  Here are notes on the first 170 pages, which ranged from boring to dumbfounding to hilarious.  Kwame loves to write in capital letters.  At times I left his capital sentences.  Other times,  I typed them normally. Here are a few other things Kwame is fond of, in no particular order: women, sex, vacation, Wendy’s, using cheesy pop culture references to express of love.  Here are things he doesn’t like: rules, needling press, other men with his women, people with knowledge of his shenanigans, and possibly white people (at least the ones not part of his corrupt empire).  Before going onto the texts let me say one thing.  Detroit please don’t re-elect him mayor in the future.  You would think the stench off Kwame would be strong enough to end his political career, but he still has supporters, extreme confidence, and a sense of destiny/entitlement.

A text from Carlita, Kwame’s wife, on June 12, 2002 is of importance to government corruption watchdogs.  Kwame was notoriously corrupt and abused his power in many ways, including securing a vehicle for his wife using Detroit city funds.

6/12/02 Carlita Kilpatrick (Kwame’s wife): Any word on my Navigator?

The same day KK got this text from an unknown person, who appears to work for Ford based on their and I assume is female.  Unless Kwame had a side thing for men.  Her text (Ebony KK): “I left you a voice message. So nice to know you’re thinking about me,” elicited this response from Kwame: “Can’t get you out of my system! Don’t want to either. Have a wonderful day.”

Many of Kwame and Beatty texts are about their relationship, including the sexual side.  There are blacked out sections of the texts, at least the ones I have read so far.  Some of the blacked-out parts are people’s contact information.  Other sections may have been blacked out due to sexual explicitness.  Although, other sexual oriented texts are left untouched.  A brief warning, from this point on there will be explicit, sexual and otherwise, language.  And now back to the story.  For example.  This one from June 2002:


“I want you to talk to me while I do you. I want you to focus on making me make you come! ERASE”

Kwame and Beatty were able to pull off the affair because their duties as steward of the city, which meant travel time.  Kwame was a mayor of many vacations, often times when him and Beatty could get some QT.  Kwame becomes excited when he finds out his wife isn’t coming to DC with him and wants get “SOME.”  He even begs for it, throwing in a “PRETTY PLEASE.”

It is a line busted out again, and not too long after the DC rendezvous. Kwame, potentially playful, asks for some more QT with a “PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP.”

A romantic at heart, Kwame then asks his mistress if she would like some Wendy’s. Unfortunately, the drive-thru line was too long.  Doesn’t Wendy’s know the mayor playa is hungry and has a woman waiting.  There is another problem.  Beatty is visited by Ann, a woman who is Kwame’s wife’s best friend.  Beatty doesn’t feel comfortable with Kwame showing up before she is gone.  Kwame has no place to go besides home, so he heads home.  She later texts him from his driveway.  I thought they weren’t trying to get caught.

To be fair to Beatty, she at least viewed Kwame as her future.  Kwame is a sleazy politician so it is hard to say how much weight should be put into his romantic texts like this one”I REALIZED THAT YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS SOMETIMES. LIKE TODAY. I SEE YOU EVERYDAY AND STILL WANT TO BE WITH YOU MORE.”

Thing get boring for a bit, but on page thirty three it gets titillating again.  Beatty says she really wanted to engage Kwame orally, but didn’t know how to ask Kwame to let her do it to him.  Kwame responds “next time. just tell me to it down. shut up, and do your thing!”

Beatty’s relationship with Lou, her husband, has rapidly deteriorated at this point.  She want to ditch Lou, but Kwame won’t hear any of that.


Kwame was also worried that member of his security detail overheard sensitive two-ways.  He says he has to talk to his security.  By the end of September 2002, Beatty’s paranoia is sky high.  She asks if he has his two way, then asks “How do I know it’ you?”  Kwame responds with “THAIYAA NIGGA!,” which is sexual slang for her groin region.  Apparently, the cheating duo just had a night of fireworks.

Page 38 has blacked out material, which looks to be of a sexual nature.

On October 13th, Kwame texts Betty about how he had been talking to the boys about “being responsible, love, family and being thankful.”  Kwame clearly doesn’t live in a two-tone world.  Beatty had been giving a talk to her daughters about being patient. Kwame jokes later in the month about having two wives.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear he is referencing Carlita and Beatty, but Carlita and another woman.  While I am having to read between the lines and look at incomplete evidence it seems that during this time period Kwame carried on sexual relationships with three or four separate women.

GM style

Beatty and Kwame have a trip planned for Vail.  Beatty lets Kwame know she got a “cute little bikini wax” for the weekend.  While physically together, the two never appear at text each other.  Back in Detroit after the weekend, Beatty lets Kwame know on November 12th that she is in his office.

KK: Are you naked?  If so, I’m running!
CB: Yep!

On the 25th, Kwame arranges a stop over at her house, even though she is going to do the thing he hates.  November rolls into December.  On Dec 12, the two engage in a semi-steamy conversation that prompts Beatty at one point to say “Don’t expect me to start masturbating as we speak! LOLOL!”  Beatty is a huge fan of using “LOLOL!”  December 21, finds Kwame at a Wendy’s.

KK: Coming out of a ghetto ass wendy’s on my way home.


The day after Christmas, KK and CB reminiscence over a quickie they had on a flower bed.
The new year brings Beatty bringing up how she is about to divorce her husband.  Kwame urges her on saying “Do the deal.”  Beatty, apparently intoxed, says “Don’t hold my buzz against me, but will you spend the rest of your life with me?”  Kwame responds “No Question! I am actively figuring it out! It’s happening!”

At this point I am puzzled at how there could be over 800 more pages of text messages.  I am also puzzled that she thinks he will leave his wife and sons for her.  On 1/7, Beatty wears the sexy underwear he bought her.  This knowledge excites Kwame.  This is the exchange which made clear that “THAIYAA” referred to Beatty’s genital region.

KK: Especially to see what’s new around the THAIYAA!
CB: Dang! Tell me again what it makes it thaiyaa. In need to make sure I preserve whatever it is if I get that response! LOL!
KK: Can’t explain. Just is, when I’m inside, there is nowhere else I would rather be.  “Heaven must be like this, it must be like this”

At this point, it is obvious that Beatty has totally fallen for Kwame and is extremely dependant on him.  She expresses her undying love for Kwame on January 16.  However, Kwame is still with his wife and has some other side business going on.  This side business is unclear, but seems shady.  This exchange with an unknown person happens on pg. 69.

UP: Girlfriend said that you can watch. She also aid the she can’t stop thinking about me. Do you want to this happen?
KK:  Yep put it together!
UP: What about room and light?  You take care of everything?
KK: Yep!

On January 21st, one day later, Beatty asks Kwame for $100 bucks.  He is annoyed that she never seems to have enough and gets mad at Beatty about the bullshit around her asking for money.  Kwame has a hard time dropping the subject.  When Beatty asks him if he still think the excuse for money is bullshit.  Kwame responds, “No question. You can ask me about the threshold. and can’t ask about borrowing $. You can come twice and make me come twice any sexual way, and can’t ask for $. BS!”  Kwame is in San Diego for the 2002-20003 Super Bowl.
On January 22, Kwame tells Beatty “Go get on a plane and come here right now!”  Beatty responds she will be arriving later and asks him how he is doing otherwise.  Kwame responds, “I need love! LL Cool J -1987”  Kwame loves quoting song lyrics.

Beatty has some doubts about the trip.  She doesn’t want to have to see Kwame with his wife; however, when she brings up the idea of staying in Detroit, Kwame responds, “Fuck that. You’re Going!”  Showing some gumption, Beatty initially sticks with her plan to stay in Detroit, but Kwame’s insistence on her coming is a motivating factor.  He is working on getting another room in the hotel so they can do what they do.

CB: Can’t wait to see you either. I guess it would be wrong for me to run up to you in the airport when I see you and grab your face and kiss you like my boyfriend? LOL.
KK: Wouldn’t be wrong. Just send shockwave through city, state, country. LOL

On Feb 4th, Kwame exchanges texts of a sexual nature with another unknown number.  The unknown female wants to see him again.  He wanted to jump her bones in Ford Field
He was also texted by Beatty that day.  When she asks what he wants for Valentine’s Day, he responds “Thaiyaa!!”  She also asks him “Were you aroused when we were in my office?”

KK: Why?
CB: LOL. I knew you would ask why before answering! Dang just answer. I asked because I was trippin on myself. one at how quick i was. and two because you seemed to easily pull away tonight and I wanted to know if I was by myself.
KK: “Pulled away easily” I was very much aroused. I just knew we couldn’t stay long. I’m always mentally, physically, and spiritually aroused with u.

The next day Kwame is contacted again by the unknown person asking about some tickets and letting Kwame know that Alexia is still ready for him to watch.  Kwame lets’ the person know he will get the tickets and want to watch.  The unknown person responded, “I want you to do more than just watch!” Then, the conversation ceases.

On February 15th, Beatty tels Kwame that Queen Latifah tried to get hold of her.  She asks him “think she wants to get with me?”

KK: After a whole line of blacked out text “Damn that. I’ll fight a girl over that!LOL”
CB: I don’t know though. You weren’t really trying to get with Derrick Coleman that night when he tried to get your stuff? LOLOL.
KK: Low Blow! I’m done talking!

Kwame doesn’t dig men like that, not even basketball stars.

The spirit of Valentine’s Day has the couple exchanging deep expressions of love, which go for a couple of days.  Beatty includes this dandy, “Did you know that I love you like they protray in the movies? The kind of love that lasts through anything.”  Kwame again taps a love song, responding “A love like yours is rare. it must have been sent from up above Atlantic Starr – 1985”

Carlita also texts Kwame, “How are you today? Miss you already! Had a bad dream last night that you had a girlfriend. So of course I woke up pissed.”  Kwame, ever the player, reassuringly responds, “LOL. I have one Girlfriend. CLRB. My Nig, My G, My Wind, My Ace, My Best Ever and lastly My Soulmate! SLEEP WELL!!”  He then sent the same message to Beatty, whom he had just boughten earrings for.

March 2003 saw Kwame and Beatty dealing with a variety of shady city government issues, which helped bring down his administration.  To relax from the stress of the job, KK and CB enjoy each others company.  On March 4th, Beatty and Kwame text.

CB: So how was that for stress relief?
KK: Ok! That was the best. OOOOO you are so nasty! I live this shit!

Kwame just can’t get enough.  On March 6th, he texts:

KK: Whatever Nigga! You know you brought that shit on yourself! Don’t make me have to fuck you up…Eddie Murphy 1983.
CB: Fuck you
KK: LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Anytime you want!!
CB: March 13, 2003
CB: Ok what?
KK: I want some thaiyaa on 3/13. You said I could have some.

March 18th, the day of THAIYAA

CB: LOLOL! You better be trying to keep em coming! LOLOL. Orgasms that is!
KK: Your wish is my command

Kwame and Beatty are still a “secret,” but Beatty has moments of doubt about Kwame being forever with her.

CB: So you still want to be my boyfriend?
KK: Everyday until I’m your husband!

On March 21 they plan some QT, although it appears to be a challenge to get QT due to Kwame and Beatty having to work around KK’s security detail.  Still, after Beatty had sexual dreams on March 25th, the two want even more.  Unfortunately, the text is blacked out.

Short responses from Kwame on 3/26 got Beatty worried that Kwame was busted.  KK says his wife was curious as to who he was talking to and why was he so into the conversation.

Beatty’s uncertainty about their future is always under the surface.  On 4/8, when Kwame says he might be CB’s daughters step dad one day, Beatty asks “Why might? What happened to “not yet”? LOL”  Kwame cleverly evade the situation with a “The might is on YOU!”  KK also apologizes “for the “quick draw” last night. LOL too damn excited!”  Kwame  is out in LA at the time, having left that day.

The next day, Beatty engages in a conversation about cheating w/ unknown party.
Unknown: Hanging in there. Ithink im going to write a book called “why women let men cheat”. Im just working thru things. Love ya.
CB: While you’re aat it write one called “Why Women cheat”
U: Well u know u can help me with this that could be book no. 2. Unless we let them cheat because by the time we’ve had enough weve cheated too
U: Have u contemplted or have done what your book title suggets?
CB: LOL! I’ll never tell!

On 4/10 KK is apparently dealing with another married female partner, who doesn’t just want to be his booty call.  It doesn’t seem like it could be Beatty b/c on 4/11 she asks if she will still get QT in the evening.

KK: I really need it.
CB: LOL. Yeah you are definitly mul-tongue. opps, I mean multi-talented.
KK: LOLOLOL!!! Your tongue. I mean talent, is all pro material as well

On 4/16, the two reminiscence about good loving.  Unfortunately for Kwame, he starts getting some bad press about police overtime pay on March 14th, right when he is getting ready to go to Jamaica with his family.

Beatty’s relationship is in the pits, and she texts Kwame on 4/24/03 about him helping her get an apartment.  Two days later, they have another rendezvous, which stirs reassuring sentiments in Kwame.

KK: You were my girl for as long as I can remember. I was too young and stupid to know. I Promise for the rest of my life you will be my girl

Meanwhile, Kwame is running into political problems.  His sister, Ayanna, a political operative, sent Beatty this text:

AK: Things appear to be going badly.
CB: Our folks are flushing in the 5 election districts.
AK: A long road ahead of us … how you educate voters in a city full of idiots?

On April Fool’s Day, Kwame and Beatty discuss some city news, which revolves around transferring political enemies.  They also discuss their relationship, CB is worried about nagging Kwame, Kwame actually leaving his wife to be with her, and being lonely.  Kwame is, of course, out of town (I believe in NY), but gets deep.

KK:  Loneliness is defined by how you feel inside. It happens when you lose a spiritual connection with the one you love. Separation alone can’t create it.

Perhaps, it is Kwame’s way of rationalizing his skeezy cheating behavior.  Just two days later, on April 3rd, Kwame texts a kebinayoung “I’m on my way. Coming from lansing. I’m rushing to see you Baby!

On 5/5, he texts his wife letting her know he wants to talk to her about what is going on in regards to the political aftermath of a party at the mayor’s mansion.  He is planning another trip to vacation for July 3-7, although it appear it is for his friends, including Bobby Ferguson.  Also, Kwame thinks his game was off this day, but Beatty lets him know she was fully seduced.  For all the fairly generic love verses the two have texted each other, this exchange is the cheesiest one I have seen thus far.

CB: LOL! Your game is way on baby! You had me at hello! Jerry McGuire 2000…
KK: LOLOL! You COMPLETE ME! Same movie!
CB: LOLOL! Same damn scene in the movie

The incident Kwame has to discuss with his wife is the now infamous , which you can read about about here,  Two days later Carlita texts a friend concerning the hubbub surrounding the Internal Affairs investigation, security detail and the party at the mayoral mansion where Carlita allegedly attacked a stripper for touching Kwame.  This woman, Tamara Green, was found dead in April 2003, a victim of an apparent political hit.  April 7 finds Beatty discussing how best to get rid of Gary Brown and is handling the police situation, which is tricky due to the race of replacement candidates.  These are the first racially oriented comments of the texts.  Kwame sends off a multi-party text telling his boy to get their passports for the Jamaica trip.

The next day Kwame sends this text to an unknown female.

KK: That’s beautiful. Little Latina in you! Malik means King or Leader.

Kwame gets back to this person letting them know he will be in Vegas on 5/19.  Beatty has been thinking of Kwame and bought him walking shoes.  Kwame lets her know he can’t talk more because of people in the car.  Later that day, Kwame texts Carlita.

KK: Hey cutie petutie!
CK: Hey Mr. Handsome! You look awfully good tonight! I’m glad I married you 🙂

That is the end of the first 170 pages.  I don’t know when I will look at the rest of them, but I had an enjoyable time reading the pages I did.  It was an interesting look into people’s lives.


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