As Happy as a Monkey with a Peanut Machine


Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! I am being efficient/lazy with today’s funk offering, part two of Parliament Funkadelic demos from 1973.  I recently found some more live shows from varying periods, which will hopefully have some interesting variations on oft-heard songs.  “If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It” is one of my favorite performances on this disc.  Besides, of course, Eddie Hazel’s shredding on “Eddie Hazel Rocks Out (Smeeros Jam).”  Welcome the Funk for the Funk welcomes you.


Track Listing:

1. Tales Intro with George Scat
2. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg (alternate)
3. Groove to This
4. Alice In My Fantasies (alternate)
5. If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It (Instrumental)
6. Red Hot Momma (alternate)
7. Jimmys Got a Little Bit Of Bitch In Him (Instrumental)
8. Together (alternate)
9. Another Place (instrumental)
10. Ride On (alternate)
11. Groove to This (alternate)
12. Bootsy Thump
13. Eddie Hazel Rocks Out (Smeeros Jam)


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