March Madness (With a Kiss)

I love March Madness.  After missing some games due to the mountain outing, I returned home in time to catch the second half of the late games.  What fine basketball entertainment I was treated to.  Ohio St-Siena went into double OT.  More importantly, Bill Raftery was announcing.  Bill is one of my favorite basketball announcers.  You can tell he truly loves basketball.  He is very loquacious while being able to explode with the moment.  My brother and I first noticed him because he would start off every game with a fervent “[insert team losing tip] is going MANtoMAN!”  A basketball poet in his best moment, Bill approaches every game with joy.  Partnered with the aging, but not dying, Verne Lundquist (who looks more like a troll the older he gets), Bill is the rare color commentator who actually adds to the game he’s announcing.


I remember an NBA Live version from the late ’90s that featured Verne as a bonus player.  He was a bowling ball of a baller at 5’3 or whatever.  I would intentionally turbo into him w/ a huge player to send him flying.  His attributes were pretty strong, so he was actually a ridiculous player.  Oh the memories.  Verne getting trucked and flying through the air.  The fouls were worth it.

Anyways, I wonder and worry about the future of announcing.  Most announcers have been in the game for a long time while many of the newer ones blow (Joe Buck).  Many of the older ones aren’t good either, but at least they have this old-time quality to them that is lacking in the new ESPN generation of announcing.  I hope technological advances will allow us to keep the old announcers around through robot AI.  Or they could live like Krang from TMNT.  I’d even take a robot Musburger provided it liked to drink.  Bender perhaps?


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