My Third Eye is Color-Blind (Huzzah for March Madness!)


Some of my favorite sporting days of the year are upon us.  It is the best time of year to be underemployed.  While others are toiling away, I am enjoying basketball and a homemade pizza topped with farm fresh bacon and handpicked rosemary.  I generally don’t watch television during the day, or at night for that matter; however, I have been enjoying the action so far today.  I have been busy running around a bit the past few days on a variety of tasks.  I caught Coraline 3D, which was a very well-done film.  Combining a creepy, interesting story with top of the line visuals, Coraline 3D is a movie you should see in theatre.  The solid frame 3D glasses were much more effective than past flimsy paper 3D glasses I have used.


I’d also recommend From Beyond and The Changeling, which seemed like a shorter movie despite its’ long length due to the engaging story and excellent pacing.  From Beyond is the second feature film of the crew behind the classic Re-Animator.  Another adapted Lovecraft story, From Beyond has a stellar soundtrack, an abundance of gore, and a mix of satire and fetishism.


Plus, I have a new (hopefully improved) version of “Night of the Living Dub.”  I chopped it down to 6 minutes.  Although I was unable to make theme from the Zombi soundtrack work with the existing track, I found some replacement synthesizer sounds.  There is still a little tweaking to be done I am sure, but I am pretty happy with the mix.   Just click on the link below the shark.


Go Blue!


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