Beware of the Beast that Lurks within those Lips!


I generally don’t post new music for a whole variety of reasons, but today I will.  I am a big fan of Radiohead, although I don’t listen to them that often anymore.  Seeing Radiohead live in 2003 at Cayahoga Falls was certainly one of the best concerts of my life up to that point and has remained one of the best, up there with Outkast, the Coup, James Brown, Ween, the Black Keys, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, R. Kelly (the sheer spectacle of that event and experiencing it from the prospective as a worker certainly left an impression of some kind upon my developing mind) and a few others.

All in all, I think Outkast is still tops.  They brought IT to the stage on the Detroit stop of the 2002 Smokin’ Grooves Tour.  Outkast is number one partly due to the rarity of their tour dates.  Big Boi backed by a small live band put on a pretty dope set as an opener for the Detroit music event headlined by R. Kelly.  However, it was obviously not the same without Mr. 3000.  Crackling with energy on a Midwest summer night, the duo from ATL, backed by their crew,  were smoking all night.  The Roots had played a stellar set as the sky darkened and restored the energy sucked out by Lauryn Hill’s excruciatingly painful set.

I saw Chris Young, former U of M B-Ball hoops player during the recent lost years and high school star of a rival school, at that show while walking on the uncomfortably designed stairs heading to the restroom.  He had badly bricked a dunk during a high school game at my school’s home gym.  I remember laughing with glee when he bricked the dunk and when I saw him, appearing decently intoxed, walking up the stairs.  I think I made some joke about Graham Brown, who is a cheater at beer pong (I know it from a verifiable source) and enjoys taped hands and sports Jolie-esque lucious lips.


It's the incredibly rare, hairless large-lipped Sasquatch

Sometimes a ramblin’ man has to do a little ramblin’.  Anways, Amplive’s Rainydayz Remixes is a very tight re-imagining of Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Amplive, known for his work as Zion I’s producer, has produced some fine hip hop beats.  There have been many Radiohead meets hip hop creations to the point of jumping the shark, but Amplive’s work is spectacular.

Too $hort and MC Zumbi of Zion I drop in on the wonderful “Nudez.”  My favorite track is  “Weird Fishez,” which has a false dub ending. “All I Need” is totally dubbed out.  Three guitar parts are interchanged, including a simple, but effective acoustic guitar, on with “15 Stepz.” Amplive throws in the old panning trick at the end. Chali2na sounds very much like RZA at the very beginning before his verse begins on “Reckonerz.”   Amplive took advantage of his Bay Area connections on this project.  Rainydayz Remixes is one of finest work of psychedelic hip-hop.

Amplive’s MPC based production is often rich and, thus, full, but Amp recognizes the importance of having a strong, stable core. Listening to Amplive’s album furthers the desire within to keep learning ableton.  As does, Kutiman’s work, which you should check out at :


It is supposed to be another gloriously sunny day in Seattle, so get some sun because you don’t want to look like a Swedish vampire.

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