Dreams of Cecil at Bat (Crack!)


I was looking at the Detroit Tigers’ homegrown talent vs. Detroit Tigers’ acquired talent on http://sullybaseball.blogspot.com/2009/03/detroit-tigers-all-time-home-grown-team.html.  I have always enjoyed lists, particularly sports lists, and engaged in hypothetical all-time match-ups, often around my sports cards, while staring out the window of long vacation car rides.  Seeing Sully’s list, I misted up at the video of Mags’ home run. The Tigers were my first professional sports love, so their success was especially sweet that year after years after crappy mediocrity.  My parents actually had to miss the game in 1984 when the Tigers clinched the pennant due to my birth.  The Tigers are in my blood.


I’ve been into the Tigers since I have been born.  Cecil was my first true professional love.  I remember attending a game where he hit one up onto the roof of Tiger Stadium right over where I was sitting.  With baseball season approaching, one of my favorite time of years, I am thinking of doing some baseball posts.  Romanticism runs through me and it extends into sports.  Baseball has a special spirit about it due to the length of its’ history.

The Tigers have a unique, inspiring past.  I am appreciative of the fact I was able to work as an usher for several years at Comerica Park.  I was part of one of the greatest collective endeavors of modern man.  Cathedrals, pyramids, and temples are some of the only large scale remaining remnants of our ancestors.  Modern day man has built skyscrapers in an attempt to preserve his place in history.  He has also built cathedrals for sports.  Tiger Stadium, which had such an incredible feel to it, was one such cathedral.  It was like some of the joy of 1984 had been retained by the seats.  Raggedy it may have been, Tiger Stadium had soul and funk. Ushering is a job I would definitely consider doing again.  You meet many interesting characters (people get pretty drunk), get to soak in baseball, and, ideally, sunshine and a blue sky.

Anyways, in the spirit of the recollection of the 2000 Pistons’ decade I am going to pit the 2000 Pistons versus the 1990 Pistons because they are the only two decades I have personally been witness to.  Sports don’t play the part they used to play in my life, but they are still fairly important to me and I think back fondly on past moments, so I would like to write about sports more.

Onwards and upwards to the battle of the hypothetical rosters!

Your ’90s Detroit Pistons

PG: Isiah Thomas
SG: Joe Dumars/Jerry Stackhouse/Allen Houston
SF: Grant Hill/Mark Aguirre
PF: Dennis Rodman/John Salley/Otis Thorpe
C:   Brian Williams (Bison Dele)/Bill Laimbeer/Theo Ratliff

I thought about including Lindsey Hunter, but Joe D and Hill could handle bringing the ball up if Isiah was somehow unable to compete.  Stackhouse and Houston bring legitimate firepower off a versatile bench.

PG: Chauncey Billups/Chucky Atkins
SG: Rip Hamiliton/Rodney Stuckey
SF: Tayshaun Prince/Corliss Williamson/Grant Hill
PF: Rasheed Wallace/Mehmet Okur/Cliff Robinson
C:  Ben Wallace/Antonio McDyess

Darko is included as an honorary human victory cigar even though he breaks the 12 man maximum.  It was hard to argue for a legitimate spot on the Pistons ’00 decade team.  AI hasn’t been with the Piston long enough and has proven to be enough of a hindrance that he didn’t make the 12 man cut.  This isn’t about overall career performance,  but rather Piston career performance.  I like the offensive dimension off the bench and long-range shooting from the PF spot.

I have been thinking about who would win this series and have yet to decide.  With Hill and Isiah, the ’90s Pistons would be able to attack the rim.  Although, the ’00 Pistons with Stackhouse and Houston could do damage from downtown and in the paint.  Plus, with Ben and Sheed in the middle they would have some strong interior d.

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