Night of the Living Dub


The other day I was watching Return of the Living Dead 2 while thinking about my zombie song.  Inspiration for a title struck, Night of the Living Dub.  Checking google for the popularity of that phrase, I wasn’t shocked to discover it has been used before.  It seems others have tapped the same vein of the collective culture, but I will not be dissuaded from using it for it was still an “original” thought spawned by my love of dub and zombies.  There are still a few elements I am attempting to incorporate, but I worked on this for a while the past few days honing the sound and felt like sharing it.  Again it is long, but the songs I have made have so far been in the late night, mellow headphone listening spirit.  Essentially, it functions as nice background music.  I apologize for the jarring organ intro, it is going to be a solid amount of work to take out for a part so small, so I ignored it for the meantime and will clean it up when I do a second mix, which will be significantly shorter.


It will be nice when I finally get my midi controller to sync properly and get to play keys, knobs, and pads rather than a mouse.  Hopefully, it will only be a short matter of time before I have more employment providing some funds to add a few toys to the set-up.  I am getting sick of dealing with unemployment and underemployment.  After seeing the national map of unemployment, I wasn’t shocked to see that I had previously lived in two of the worst parts, Detroit and the west side of Michigan, of the country for job prospects.  Seattle hasn’t been much kinder, but certainly is a nicer place to be underemployed.  You can live pretty cheap if you think about what and how you consume.  Anyways, I’m not sure where that tangent came from, but I am a lateral thinker.

Lastly, I found this quote on the internet the other day and had a nice, juvenile chuckle.  “Can there be enough balls to go around here? I think that’s very, very important here. And we want Roy Williams to have a lot of balls.”

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