Bringing Home the Frank’n’Bacon


Welcome to another got to get over the humpday.  I have been pretty busy learning ableton to go along with the usual photography and writing.  Plus, I just started working as a tutor, been getting back into frisbee, and went salsa dancing and climbing for the first times.  So tomorrow I look forward to a laid back day of getting out to the market for some farm fresh meat.  Climbing was surprisingly tiring, especially to the hands and forearms.  Hopefully, I won’t be moving like Frankenstein in the morning.

Anyways, I offer the monumentally important reggae album, The Harder They Come (1973), which was a soundtrack.  Before this album, reggae was not a popular genre on the North American landmass.  Afterward, the genre’s’ popularity grew due to the exposure the film brought to Jamaica.  Soon enough, Bob Marley would blow up spreading island vibes far and wide.

Jimmy Cliff was the star of the film and soundtrack, contributing three songs, so logically the record was officially released under Jimmy Cliff’s name.  The album is much deeper than the title track, unlike many soundtracks, featuring many gems from Scotty’s “Draw Your Breaks” to the Melodians “Rivers of Babylon.”  In fact, Jimmy’s songs are actually some of the weakest due to the over polished nature of his contributions.  One of my favorite reggae groups, the Maytals, have two songs, “Pressure Drop” and “Sweet and Dandy”, featured.  The opening riff of “Sweet and Dandy” by the Maytals has been used by someone.


All in all, a superb collection of early, and easy listening, reggae.  Enjoy some of the first reggae heard by most North Americans.


One Response to “Bringing Home the Frank’n’Bacon”

  1. Thanks for the music tip. I’m an old guy but have remarkably young tastes in music (not that Jimmy Cliff is young, though)

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