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Ronald Reagan Bombs the U.S.S.R. (Extraterrestrials on Drugs)

Posted in humor, Music, politics, reagan on March 31, 2009 by trapperKeeper


As every sensible person knows Ronald Reagan was a prick.  He is loved by some and ignored by many, but make no mistake he was a total prick.  He was responsible for the murder of many innocent people, mostly poor, around the world, especially Latin America, and within the United States due to his military endeavors and his policies and actions responsible for the devastation of crack.  He oversaw a massive financial scandal, which was impressive until Wall Street’s most recent pillaging.  He was an enemy of the common man despite his ability to appeal to the common man.  People are easy to fool and Reagan was a natural spokesman for the neo-con movement.  Unfortunately, we are still suffering from his disciples.

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Wiiiiiiind ME UP! (Space Bassin’ Those Persephone Blues Away)

Posted in Funk, movies, P-Funk on March 30, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Bootsy’s first three Rubber Band albums are funk classics.  Bootsy? Player of the Year (1978) is the third record of the trilogy.  Like the others, it is full of funky jams, enjoyable ballads, orgiastic space bass, and deep levity.  Bootsy’s Rubber Band utilized many of the talented funkateers, but kept a tighter group, including his ex-J.B. mates, than some of the P-Funk projects.  Bootsy? Player of the Year is perfect medicine for gray weather and a failing country stuck in stasis due to corrupt, greedy vampires running “our” government.  And seriously spring, can’t you do people a favor and arrive already.  All the doom is made worse by the gloom.  Demeter, free us from seasonal affective disorder!

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That Boom Killin’ Flies Across the Room

Posted in Funk, Music on March 28, 2009 by trapperKeeper


The Bass That Ate Miami is a masterpiece of late ’80s electronic funk.  Discovered by my friend’s girlfriend in the tape bin of a Goodwill it came in handy during our car ride home and trip out to the beach the next day.  Full of insane humor and banging beats, The Bass That Ate Miami was my introduction to Miami bass music on a level deeper than 2 Live Crew.


All those moments will be lost in time (Accelerated Decrepitude)

Posted in Music on March 27, 2009 by trapperKeeper


I wasn’t planning on working on another song today, but inspiration struck.  Blade Runner is a kick ass movie, one full of atmosphere.  This cut is pretty rough, nothing is EQed, mixed, or tweaked in any way, but I thought it worked well enough as is to put out a preliminary version.

Runnin’ From the Devil Sho’ Nuff Gets Ya Hot

Posted in Funk, Music on March 26, 2009 by trapperKeeper


On another Must Hear Long Play Thursday I present Fire (1975), one of the first Ohio Player records I heard.  Who can resist listening to an album with such artwork?  No mortal that is for sure.  The Ohio Players combined hard funk, a sense of humor, and S&M themed erotic album artwork.  While doing so, they created some great music.  Fire, mixing hard funk and smooth (in the best way) jazz, finds the Ohio Players at the peak of their powers.  On later efforts, the jazzy soul funk sound would increasingly go soft, but on Fire the Players slower material is tight and dynamic, not turgid and discofied.  Excellent musicianship is one reason the Players were such a dynamite band for so long.  One shouldn’t overlook the unique voice and delivery of Sugarfoot and the groups wacky sense of humor, even after Junie Morrison left.

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Come to the Dark Side (The Freaks Come Out at Night)

Posted in Music on March 26, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Here is a new one I worked on for a good amount of hours today.  I still need to mix it.  Plus, I learned a few more production tricks today that I want to try out.  However, I am still pretty pleased with the quality of the first version.  I wasn’t even planning on recording tonight after spending long hours tweaking sounds, but I had a longing to have something of substance to show for all the work.  I planned on a minimal mix, but ended up throwing most of my parts in.  Thus, the song is 8 minute long, but I think it works way better as than the original “Night of the Living Dub.”  Obviously, there is significant work to be done.  There are some sections where parts play just a bit too long, but my program was running slow with so many samples running.

Jeanne Chants Jeanne

Posted in Music on March 25, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Jeanne was a French New Wave film star in the 1960s .  She also directed and produced films, performed and directed theatre, wrote, and recorded music.  I have one of her albums, Jeanne Chant Jeanne (1965), which is perfect easy listening to get over the Humpday.

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