Computer Love (Future Coitus)


For the individuals who can’t enough computer love, here is a “Computer Love” compilation I found.  In addition to the Roger and Zapp versions, they are some hip hop and reggae interpolations.  At best, it is a overly repetitive work.  When it is at its’ worst, you will find yourself skipping ahead.

The more recent live version takes too long to get into, and isn’t a particularly excellent recording.  There is another live version from 1986, which has some vocoder soloing.  Zapp’s remix has a clearly defined finger snap (listen on headphones), but is pretty cheesy despite the clean production.  The electronic drums are way tinny.  There was some good music made in the 80s.  Then, there was music that would have been good, or at least listenable, if live drums and horns had been used.  Electronic drums stripped away so much of the sound, which had the effect of making tons of ’80s groups sound exactly alike.

Anyways, DJ Screw screws and chops it up, a style that I find extremely repetitive.  “True Love” might be one of the most pointless, but Lil’ Boosie’s version presents a strong challenger.  Boosie’s has a bit of humor due to its’ over-reliance on vulgarity, and the ensuing absurdly hard, egocentric verses.  I’d say his is less pointless in the entertainment sense, but find it hard to praise a song that exhibits such little imagination.  There might be many things lil’ on Boosie. One listen of his “lyrics” illustrates his lil’ vocabulary.  There is one line, “Ready to bust me a dong,” that stands out for its’ brilliance.

Still, the comp is worth grabbing for a few of the songs.  Zapp and Roger’s instrumental version and 12”inch are included.  The 12” inch version is gloriously stretched out with added instrumentation and multiple breakdowns and climaxes.  No need for ear lube, “Computer Love” is slippery smooth enough.  Embrace the approaching eargasm.  Multiplying the awesomeness of the album version by the umpteenth, the 12” inch must be experienced.


Mr. Happs “Maldito Love” is the funniest one of them all.  Old-school E-40 pops up on one of the best hip-hop updates.  The Zapp II era version of “Computer Love” is also worth of multiple listens.

I hope to be putting some of my own music up soon.  I have been experimenting in ableton, a program I have decent knowledge of thanks to some tutoring.  I hope to have a rough song finished by the weekend.  Check back later in the week for some Go-Go funk from the Chocolate City.

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