Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! Dance Sir Nose, Dance Sucka


On the heels of the massive Piston post, I am going to take the easy way out today and post another live P-Funk performance.  Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday!  This one is also from 1978, and has a few of the same songs as the Atlanta set, but the groove was always a bit different each time.  Recorded allegedly on January 1st, some of the cuts are rough, but otherwise the recording is clean-sounding with quality encoding.

Opening with “Funkentelechy,” a jam that easily allowed for George to play it loose.  “Skeet” gets some love on this version.  Hitting jazzy, but fuzzy licks, Skeet dances all over.  Near the end GC addresses Skeet asking how his funk is.  “Skeet” funks back hard before Kidd Funkadelic comes screaming over the top.  The kick drum holds it all down.  This version of “Funkentelechy” is the heaviest I’ve heard.  The vocal part at the end is another new P-Funk element for me.

Introducing “Cosmic Slop” to a tremendous crowd roar from the adopted hometown crowd, shredding guitars make a memorable “Cosmic Slop.”  The horns are really low on the latter half of the song.  It could just be the recording, or could be intentionally mixed that way.  You can still hear the blasts clearly at the end though.

“Maggot Brain” was a staple of the P-Funk live set.  This version is different than other versions due to the hard-hitting drums and the organ during the intro.  It wouldn’t be “Maggot Brain” without wailing, gnashing guitars.  Cut short, it dramatically shifts to the end of the soloing on the start of the “Mothership Connection” track.

GC again asks the crowd to raise their hands on “Mothership Connection.”  Guitars are again emphasized as GC prompts them to double and triple it up.  The jam into “swing down” has some dirty lurching bass.  The “Mothership” to “swing down” transition is one of my favorites.  Horns blare, announcing the arrival of the Funk.

Maintaining the dirty bass “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” arrives in fine style.  Slowing it down before building it back up, the band hits a jazzy pocket and maintains.  Glen was gone, so Skeet takes the lead on calling down the Mothership.  The horns during GC’s part are a different arrangement than I’m used to.  This one is chopped before the peak hits and the Mothership drops.



Busting out the “Flash Light,” Sir Nose is once again defeated by the funk channeled through Bernie’s synthetic divining rod.  You can sense this one is one is going to get real dirty.  The vocals are energetic and strong, which they need to be to compete with the sonic chaos going on around it.  I wish I had video of this so I could watch Nose dance around on stage.

Here is the track listing.

Funkentelechy (16:31)
Cosmic Slop (7:35)
Maggot Brain (7:27)
Mothership Connection (8:15)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (8:08)
Flash Light (10:50)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for rice dream?



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