Suffering Succotash, Salvation is Right Here On Earth

Fela Kuti’s Suffering and Shmiling was released in March 1978. The album consisted of only one song, “Suffering and Shmiling,” which shares some traits with “Zombie.”


“Suffering and Shmiling” is concerned with the promise of future salvation, particularly religious salvation.  Nigerians are particularly known for their ability to be optimistic about the future despite the troubles of the present.  Although, the lower class were upset with the sentiment that they were happy with their poverty.  Obviously, the upper classes strongly disliked the message of the song.

You Africans, please listen to me as Africans
And you non-Africans, listen to me with open mind

Suffer, suffer for world
Enjoy for Heaven
Christians go dey yab
“In Spiritum Heavinus”
Muslims go dey call
“Allahu Akbar”

My people them go dey follow Bishop
Them go follow Pope
Them go follow Imam
Them go go for London
Them go go for Rome
Them go go for Mecca
Them go carry all the money
Them go juba Bishop
Juba Pope
Juba Imam
Then them go start to yab themselves:

We now have to carry our minds
Out of those goddamn places
Back into this musical contraption
Right opposite you
Now we are back here

I am off to search for a new color on this glorious pro bowl day.  Yes, that’s right it is Pro Bowl Sunday.  The only NFL game that can top the exhilarating preseason games.


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