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Drop the Bomb on Debt! Funk It!

Posted in Funk, Music on February 26, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Today, I present the scorching studio debut LP of Trouble Funk, purveyors of some of the finest Go-Go music, which is a style of funk originating out of Washington, D.C.  With an emphasis on party rapping, call and response vocals, and an emphasis on  G0-Go shares a lot in common with electro/early hip hop.  In fact, Trouble Funk had connections to that scene, working with Kurtis Blow and being a member of the Sugarhill Records label.  I love the fat percussive groove of Go-Go.  It is certainly not music to put on right before going to bed, but one doesn’t put on a delta wave soundtrack before going to party.  And speaking of partying, it is time to roll out.  I’ll drop my favorites off this track later.  It was too big to upload all at once, so the last song makes up the entirety of part 2.  Enjoy.

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Give Me that Bainbridge Island Cream!

Posted in Art, Photos on February 26, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Here are some photos from Bainbridge Island, home of one of the best ice cream shops I have had the pleasure of tasting.  I could suckle all day on straws connected to their deliciously creamy shakes.



The images of downtown at night suffer from blur.  Well not all of them, sometimes I find the blur cool.  Either way, it is hard to take a totally still picture while standing atop a motoring boat.


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Mood Music for the Moon (I Dream of Electrofried Sheep)

Posted in Art, Music, outdoors, Photos, Seattle on February 25, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Here are some artistically polished photographs from a recent day out at Bainbridge Island.  In addition to the photos, I have included some music.  Instead of being the music of another, I present music I recorded.  Granted, it is very rough right now.  Not only does there have to be EQing and effects, but I need to compose some longer guitar and horn lines.  I would like to throw in some harpischord and cuca as well.  A rough draft is a start.  This is my first draft of my first song, and my first time really using ableton, so be harsh I can take it.





Computer Love (Future Coitus)

Posted in Funk, Music on February 25, 2009 by trapperKeeper


For the individuals who can’t enough computer love, here is a “Computer Love” compilation I found.  In addition to the Roger and Zapp versions, they are some hip hop and reggae interpolations.  At best, it is a overly repetitive work.  When it is at its’ worst, you will find yourself skipping ahead.

The more recent live version takes too long to get into, and isn’t a particularly excellent recording.  There is another live version from 1986, which has some vocoder soloing.  Zapp’s remix has a clearly defined finger snap (listen on headphones), but is pretty cheesy despite the clean production.  The electronic drums are way tinny.  There was some good music made in the 80s.  Then, there was music that would have been good, or at least listenable, if live drums and horns had been used.  Electronic drums stripped away so much of the sound, which had the effect of making tons of ’80s groups sound exactly alike.

Anyways, DJ Screw screws and chops it up, a style that I find extremely repetitive.  “True Love” might be one of the most pointless, but Lil’ Boosie’s version presents a strong challenger.  Boosie’s has a bit of humor due to its’ over-reliance on vulgarity, and the ensuing absurdly hard, egocentric verses.  I’d say his is less pointless in the entertainment sense, but find it hard to praise a song that exhibits such little imagination.  There might be many things lil’ on Boosie. One listen of his “lyrics” illustrates his lil’ vocabulary.  There is one line, “Ready to bust me a dong,” that stands out for its’ brilliance.

Still, the comp is worth grabbing for a few of the songs.  Zapp and Roger’s instrumental version and 12”inch are included.  The 12” inch version is gloriously stretched out with added instrumentation and multiple breakdowns and climaxes.  No need for ear lube, “Computer Love” is slippery smooth enough.  Embrace the approaching eargasm.  Multiplying the awesomeness of the album version by the umpteenth, the 12” inch must be experienced.


Mr. Happs “Maldito Love” is the funniest one of them all.  Old-school E-40 pops up on one of the best hip-hop updates.  The Zapp II era version of “Computer Love” is also worth of multiple listens.

I hope to be putting some of my own music up soon.  I have been experimenting in ableton, a program I have decent knowledge of thanks to some tutoring.  I hope to have a rough song finished by the weekend.  Check back later in the week for some Go-Go funk from the Chocolate City.

Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! Dance Sir Nose, Dance Sucka

Posted in Detroit, Funk, Music, P-Funk on February 23, 2009 by trapperKeeper


On the heels of the massive Piston post, I am going to take the easy way out today and post another live P-Funk performance.  Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday!  This one is also from 1978, and has a few of the same songs as the Atlanta set, but the groove was always a bit different each time.  Recorded allegedly on January 1st, some of the cuts are rough, but otherwise the recording is clean-sounding with quality encoding.

Opening with “Funkentelechy,” a jam that easily allowed for George to play it loose.  “Skeet” gets some love on this version.  Hitting jazzy, but fuzzy licks, Skeet dances all over.  Near the end GC addresses Skeet asking how his funk is.  “Skeet” funks back hard before Kidd Funkadelic comes screaming over the top.  The kick drum holds it all down.  This version of “Funkentelechy” is the heaviest I’ve heard.  The vocal part at the end is another new P-Funk element for me.

Introducing “Cosmic Slop” to a tremendous crowd roar from the adopted hometown crowd, shredding guitars make a memorable “Cosmic Slop.”  The horns are really low on the latter half of the song.  It could just be the recording, or could be intentionally mixed that way.  You can still hear the blasts clearly at the end though.

“Maggot Brain” was a staple of the P-Funk live set.  This version is different than other versions due to the hard-hitting drums and the organ during the intro.  It wouldn’t be “Maggot Brain” without wailing, gnashing guitars.  Cut short, it dramatically shifts to the end of the soloing on the start of the “Mothership Connection” track.

GC again asks the crowd to raise their hands on “Mothership Connection.”  Guitars are again emphasized as GC prompts them to double and triple it up.  The jam into “swing down” has some dirty lurching bass.  The “Mothership” to “swing down” transition is one of my favorites.  Horns blare, announcing the arrival of the Funk.

Maintaining the dirty bass “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” arrives in fine style.  Slowing it down before building it back up, the band hits a jazzy pocket and maintains.  Glen was gone, so Skeet takes the lead on calling down the Mothership.  The horns during GC’s part are a different arrangement than I’m used to.  This one is chopped before the peak hits and the Mothership drops.


Busting out the “Flash Light,” Sir Nose is once again defeated by the funk channeled through Bernie’s synthetic divining rod.  You can sense this one is one is going to get real dirty.  The vocals are energetic and strong, which they need to be to compete with the sonic chaos going on around it.  I wish I had video of this so I could watch Nose dance around on stage.

Here is the track listing.

Funkentelechy (16:31)
Cosmic Slop (7:35)
Maggot Brain (7:27)
Mothership Connection (8:15)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (8:08)
Flash Light (10:50)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for rice dream?


Breaking News: Sarah Palin Announces Presidential Run (Where’s the Comatril?)

Posted in humor, politics on February 23, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Sarah Palin announces 2012 presidential campaign and 2016 re-election campaign. How does Sarah have the foresight to know she will be running for re-election if 2016?  God told her.  Did God also tell her how to fix the economy, solve the energy problems and defeat terrorism?  You betcha!  But she won’t reveal them until after taking the presidency.

For those who can’t bear to stand the thought of another 4 years of a Democrat in the White House, you can hope for impeachment, tragedy, or you can take Comatril.  Comatril is the first drug on the market that lets you go Rip Van Winkle.  Tired of the present, but excited about the future.  Take Comatril.  Comatril comes in a variety of doses, from a daily to a yearly all the way up to a millennial.  Got a big test coming up?  Your kid a real pain in the butt?  Any reason will do.  Ask  your doctor about Comatril today.


Side effects may include: Loss of spouse/family/friends, loss of job, loss of memory, permanent muscular atrophy, headache, and diarrhea.

Rise to the Top: Exposing the F(l)akers & Being Thankful for the Human Victory Cigar

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As the Pistons’ season falls into further disarray there is no time better than the present to wax poetically about the past. As William DeVaughn sang, “just be thankful for what you got.” And there were plenty of moments from 2003-2004 to be appreciative for as Joe D realized the same level of success as a GM as he had as a player with a team built similarly to the original Bad Boys. Ferocious defensive intensity, a strong bench, good chemistry, and just enough scoring, made the faithful hopeful for a better chance to reach the finals.

Few had expected the Pistons’ to beat the Nets. A pattern runs through basketball history of champions failing before succeeding. The original Bad Boys had to battle and lose to the Celtics and Showtime Lakers. Jordan’s Bulls took lumps at the hands of the Bad Boys. Likewise, Detroit had to take some lumps before getting over the hump. Still, the way the Pistons lost to the Nets was disheartening. Having home court advantage, it was safe to count on the Pistons stretching the series to five or six games. As I stated previously, the Pistons’ weaknesses, specifically the lack of a small forward and explosive scoring, were exposed by the Nets. Tayshaun had gotten a few starts that series and looked like a potential solution to the small forward problem.  Would he also be the answer to the Pistons’ offensive woes?  Certainly, replacing Michael Curry with Prince would provide an immediate boost to the offense, but how much of one?

Fortunately, the Pistons were in a good position to address their roster issues, having two first round draft picks, including the second overall pick, thanks to Joe D’s skills. Carmelo Anthony was talked about for logical reasons. The Pistons needed to upgrade the SF position.  Even more, they needed a scorer for the moments the offense grew stagnant. Melo would have filled both roles while Prince could have still have gotten significant playing time.


However, Darko, aka “the human victory cigar” was in the draft. Some commentators and fans seem to forget that Darko was the consensus #2 pick. He was an athletic 7-footer, who could run like a deer, showed decent passing, shot blocking, and shooting ability. Certainly, he was raw at age 17, but the potential within his package was too much too pass up. He was projected as the second pick on every team’s draft board. In short, Darko fooled more than just Joe D and the Pistons with his bouncy gait, length and love of Europop.


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