Freaky Friday (I See Fire in the Dead Man’s Eyes)


On this freaknastay friday, I come with the real deal. An allegedly authentic field recording of a voodoo ceremony. Aptly titled, the raw, unkut Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti (1974) is a strictly percussion and vocal affair.  Recorded by Maurice Bitter, who was responsible for many field recordings and historical anthropology books.  “Nago Rhythms” is particularly eerie.  The spirit is being summoned.  On “Invocation To ‘Papa Legba'” it appears as the drums pound more frantically. The appearance is celebrated on “Dahomey-Maize-Diouba Rhythms,” which has a lighter tone.

You can kinda picture the ewoks dancing to this after defeating the empire. Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti is not an album you will find yourself listening to often.  It works better as ethnomusicological document, which was the actual purpose of the recording, than an musical record.  While I would go for Exuma’s work over this album 99% of the time, Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti is still worth a listen.


Here is the track listing:

1 Voodoo Drums
2 Nibo Rhythms (1:19)
3 Prayer To Shango
4 Petro Rhythms
5 Nago Rhythms
6 Invocation To Papa Legba
7 Dahomey Rhythms “The Paul’L” / Maize Rhythm / Diouba Rhythm “Cousin Zaca”


I hadn’t messed around in photoshop in a while, so I sat down last night to explore the kaleidoscope angle with some more photos.  Not all photos are created equal for kaleidoscoping.







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