After a Meal there’s Nothing like a Good Cigar


I just got back from Gran Torino and a delicious big bowl of pho.  Gran Torino was a solid flick. I didn’t reach much about it beforehand, but was expecting it to turn a bit Death Wish.  It did not, which was initially disappointing, but the decision to avoid that route made for a better message to the movie.  One reason I enjoyed it so much was the use of the metro Detroit area for filming, unlike in Four Brothers.  Plus, Michigan needs all the money it can get, so let’s hope the trend of filming movies in Michigan continues.  At times the acting was poor, such as when the character Tho is screaming after being locked in the basement.  That was probably the most glaringly bad acting in the movie.  Still, Gran Torino was a good film, enjoyable, and the first time I have been out to the cinema in a while.

Check on back tomorrow for a Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday post.  I needed a little break from writing the blog, and was busy yesterday working on some other writing.  I was hipped to some awesome 80s psychedelia.  I had no idea this stuff even existed, but I will be writing about some of it soon.  One last note, jalapeno peppers really burn if you touch your eye after handling them.  Til the next time, BINGO!



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