Freaky Friday (Why did you call me from my grave? You owe backtaxes)

On this Freaky Friday, I bring forth Exuma’s second album, cleverly titled Exuma IIExuma II came out in 1970, the same year as Exuma’s debut release.  It explores the same sonic terrain, although it is a more accessible.


“Damn Fool” kicks off the festivities.  Raucous, full of whistling, yelps, and plenty of other noise,  “Damn Fool” is a catchy, strong opener.  Contrasting sharply from the introductory track, “Exuma, the Obeah Man,” from Exuma’s first album, “Damn Fool” brings the weirdness in a different way.  Make sure not to marry a black bird.

Exuma delivers mystical verse in his trademark raw vocal style on “Baal.”  Great drumming interacts nicely with the backing vocals to create an unsettling mood.

“Paul Simon Nontooth” is strange, even for Exuma, and dabbles heavily in the occult.  The female vocal melody is beautiful; zombies are called forth.

Exuma breaks back into song on “Fire In the Hole,” which is also one of Exuma’s most political and accessible tracks.  Singing about the power of people and human emotion, Exuma leaves behind the ethereal for the more  material.  “Fire in the Hole” is the longest song on the record.  “It’s better to be dead than live running scared.”

“A Place Called Earth”  finds Exuma floating towards the creation point.  It appears it is a one-way trip.  Great drumming and chant on this one.

“We Got To Go” has an extremely catchy groove.  An easy listening, light-hearted song perfect for chilling out to after the intense journey of “A Place Called Earth.”  Listen for the male backing vocalist with a hilarious voice.

“African Rhythm” is a fun one.

“Zandoo” ends the record.  Like “African Rhythm,” it is easy going.  It never gets too far out or eerie.  Weird voice dude shines.

Exuma II doesn’t hit the same as the debut, but it is still a strange, unique, and enchanting recording.

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