Blowfly Will Blow This Mutha Down! (Funk Erupts Within & Spreads Throughout)


People get drunk and act a fool all nights (and days) of the year.  Just because the day happens to represent the divide between the past and approaching present, doesn’t mean I want to relax any more or less than any other day of the year.  Too many place their hopes squarely on the one night, and have their hopes so squarely defined, and thus end up disappointed.  Sometimes, laying low has its’ benefits.  A warm house, a cuddly cat, and vast discography of the P is often better than paying others to drink and be annoyed you can’t be in charge of music.

On this most arbitrarily special Must Hear LP Thursday, I present a special new years’ mix of mostly obscure P-Funk heavy on fried groove.  These have been picked out with the freshest of ears.  Enjoy responsibly.  The hilarious, vulgar, ridiculous Blowfly XXXmas album has been added to your stocking a few days late.  Santa was too hungover to make the trip at his usual pace.  Take advantage of the New Year.  You can get an extra few hours of work in while they are drunkenly slumbering.  Embrace the Puritan within.

“Funkin’ For My Mama’s Rent” is classic.  One of the first instance of a white rapper, Gary Fabulous & Black Slack’s track oozes electro-funk.

Pulsating waves from the Bermuda Triangle create sonic disturbances in the frequency on “I Angle.”  A wicked Funkadelic guitar cut featuring some eye poppin’ bass.  This one really indulges in the reality of fantasy.  Damn, how that bass pops!  By this point people should realize wicked, guitar, and funky can only mean funkadelic.  They voyaged to the furthest seas of their imaginations and in doing left us with funky produce.


“Twenty Bucks” is an outstanding track.  The rhythm hits, the vocals do what they gotta do, everyone goes home happy kind of outstanding.  And sometimes, it is as simple as that.  And how that simple can still be so complex?

“Off The Wall” is off the wall, which is why it made it on the playlist.  Freedom to beget weirdness begets weirdness.  Take it for what it is.

The end is unkut live P-Funk.


Listening to material for this mix I was struck yet again what passed for music in the coke-soaked 80s.  Funk is a hard sound to reproduce, and the machines aren’t very good at doing it.  George’s sound is so stripped-down without live drums, bass, and band.  In short, his sound is dull.  The concepts are also often lacking, making the unsatisfactory music more unbearable.

And here is the Blowfly XXXmas I promised.



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