Our House was a Very Fine House/Our House is a Very Fine House


These lovely flowers  grew right outside of the door of my old house.  Just before departing it for the last time I snapped a few quick photos.


These ones are from the front steps of my residence.  I am a big fan of looking all around, but particularly at the sky.  Clouds and their interaction with the sun, trees, power lines, planes, buildings, etc.  Skewing perspective is fun.  Plus, it is just about impossible to take a photo of the sky in Seattle and not capture a power line or three.



This photo was recently tweaked to spectacular effect.  I will have to upload those pieces soon.



This is another image from this day that I have been experimenting with.  Poppin’ rays!


These last three were from an early morning at the new place.  The massive blanket of clouds was penetrated.



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