Flying High in the Friendly Skies (What’s That Bulging Out Your Bottom?)


Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately in photoshop.  Some of the photos just have colors and the lighting curve tweaked, while others have undergone more significant transformations.  Some of the cuts I enjoyed while working on these have been included to temporarily quell the crave for funk.  A more significant musical post is almost completed.


“Gentle On My Mind” is a famous country song written by the late, great John Hartford.  Aretha Franklin covered it on her Soul ’69 release.  The beginning piano melody is sublime & Aretha is in exuberant youth.  It is nice to be reminded of her immense gifts and away from the housing issues and weight gain that have made singing a bit more laborious for the Queen of Soul.


Roger Troutman’s “Do It Roger” is a massively funky cut.  Most of the time I prefer the single version due to its’ shorter length.  Elephantine as “Do It Roger”‘s funk is, the eight minutes and fifteen second length of the album version is a bit long.  I love the galloping synth present at the beginning, and throughout the track.  T-Pain is just a no-talent Roger jacker.  Recognize the master of vocoder!  Open up and let Roger do it to your earhole!  He just wants to be good to it.  You have to let him do it.

I am providing the longer album version as well.  Do yourself a favor and listen to the longer one as well.  The single has the drawback of not including the “In this music there is funk…” part.


I know nothing about Cru, and currently do not have the time to do research on them, but “Just Another Day” is a solid cut.  I got suckered in by the relaxed guitar and couldn’t leave after the “Phil Collins in the background/su, su, sussudio” line.  Sorry Cru but I have to laugh.  For my exploring I was rewarded with a Slick Rick guest spot.  Huzzah!


Internet digging led to the discovery Meco’s album Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk.  More research is needed on this release.  As of now all I know is it was released in 1977 and it does indeed contain Galactic Funk.  Love the light saber intro of “Imperial March.”  Some fine disco funk follows.  Extraterrestrials love the Funk!  Where do you think Sly, George, Sun, Bernie, and Bootsy came from?

A picture the Dude would love.


War’s “All Day Music” opens the similarly titled 1971 album in a chilled out fashion the Dude would dig.  It is a perfect day in a song.



Give me some of that head I want to be burning up.  Oh, I love me some Prince.

Lastly, I present a collage I am almost done with that is intended as the image header greeting you to the page.  It is going to have to be shrunk due to the smallish quality of the space allotted.

gateway collage

Ending with the closing ditty of Rick James’ Garden of Love (1980).  Short but sweet. Rick James may have been on a hell of a drug, but he nevertheless produced some dope music.


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