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Planes Plowing into Power Lines (Spring Break Big Feet Mix)

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Time is an Illusion, only an Intrusion on the Eternal (ADT Home Security Mix)

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The grinding assault of underemployment, tenuous housing, stalled quest of advancement, uncertainty about the future, personally, nationally, and globally, drain the spiritual stockpiles.  Adding to weight of the present moment is an abundance of gray.  The sun is a .  Despite everything though, life has been quite solid with a sublime mixture of bittersweet absurdness with a sprinkling of melancholy and a healthy amount of walking.  Lungs full of fresh air, pine scented .  Much preferable to breathing car exhaust while engine smells attack smell receptor cells.  Plus trees don’t almost kill/maim you off by accelerating through the crosswalk.

Many photographs have been taken while I was out and about, plus the wonders of the natural world and meditative quality of walking has cultivated a batch of poems.  Everything was fueled by scads of music, so some luscious musical libations.  Enough of this hot air dispensing.  Backwards to the past!

time_machineReggie, I hope you’re relying on more than the Saint’s offensive line for protection.

Coming to a City near you — Zombies!

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Here is one of the finished shots of Baer.  I am anxiously anticipating mine since I stupidly never looked at the pictures immediately after.

bear biker zombie

More of Michael’s work from Renevant’s Zombie Fest can be found at

Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! (The Cycle of Life: Rain & Rotting Wood Mix)

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fruits of rotting logs

My life is currently in a free fall.  Unsure where I will land.  Unsure if I even want to land. Anyways, the NBA season has started up.  As much as I enjoy football and baseball, basketball is my biggest love.  Perhaps it is the fact I was better at basketball.  Or perhaps it was because of the Fab 5.  Damn, they were so fun to watch.  Jalen and CWebb running the break and bringing the street to the hardwood.


I will always remember them as exuberant youths, sporting black Nike socks and shoes and baggy shorts and personalities.  Revolutionizing the style of basketball, the Fab 5’s impact is much bigger than most realize.  They were highly responsible for the fusing of hip hop and basketball.  They changed the way freshmen players were viewed and utilized.

Basketball is a joy to play and a joy to watch.  As others have noted, playground basketball is jazz with a ball and two hoops (well, sometimes, one hoop).  A spontaneous celebration of individuality and teamwork, basketball, like jazz, is a language that is universal.  Whether its’ the squeak of the hardwood or the crunch of concrete of , the swish of nylon netting or the metallic rustle of a chain net.  To end the poetic waxation of basketball, here is a eloquent deep thought from Music Smith, a human featured in Rick Terlander’s excellent Heaven is a Playground:

“Sometimes in a game you get so close to what’s going on you forget who you are”

heaven is a playground

Tootsie Rolls are fine and dandy but I want something more  than candy!

On a fine day, the mood to hear Funkadelic’s Funkadelic struck.  It had been a relatively long break from the P, so a deluge is probably in store.  Expect some rarer funky treats from the P-Funk Empire.  Also, some pictures from my recent travels in the green, damp expanse that is Seattle.

All aboard the Mothership, we’re going back in time to 1970.


Once you get “Mommy, What’s a Funkadelic?” there is no going back.  Oozing with down yonder funk, and pointless to pontificate on.  Just dig and get dirty!  If you feel a tickle in your brain, don’t fret it’s just George’s tongue.

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Election Day (Voting Shenanigans)

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Stella supports Obama.  I likewise reluctantly filled in the small circle next to Obama’s name.  Hopefully in the future Americans will have a real choice besides Republican or Democrat.  The system is set up against third parties with the express purpose of ensuring that one of the two wings (Republican or Democrat) of the larger party (Big Pocketed Corporations) wins.  Excluded from the presidential debates, lacking many advantages offered to elected officials, and having to raise increasingly large sums of money to attempt to spread their message, third parties face too many obstacles just to simply spread their message.

Corporate media, e.g. NBC, CBS, Fox, have no desire to give camera time to third party candidates.  Ross Perot was able to what he did because of his wealth.  The internet has made it easier for third parties to spread their message, raise money, and connect supporters.  Just look at Ron Paul.  And technology may increase the chance of having a real multi-party system and, thus, real choice.  Real choice aided by the dramatic change that is a-comin’.  The GOP faces an internal war about where to take the party, which should hopefully will result in fracturing.  Obama may turn out to be a populist and check currently unchecked corporations and financial humbug, but don’t expect it.   Time will tell.  If he doesn’t live up to the hyper-intense hopes that have been placed on his shoulders, by himself and others, then progressives should wave good-bye to the Democrats.

McCain and the Republicans in the White House would certainly hasten America’s demise and, thus, accelerate the process of re-imagining America.  Obama has been brought in to save capitalism and stop the rapid downward slide as a world power.  The GOP is certainly experienced at voter suppression and counting chicanery, and could pull off some craziness, which would result in people taking to the streets.  But the elites don’t want to see the people enraged, especially with the invigorated electorate.  It hurts their chances at maintaining the system which works so nicely in their favor.  Obama represents hope, change, and the best chance for salvaging capitalism and maintaining order.  As follows, Obama will win.

One last note.  Voting is not the greatest act of citizenship, nor the most important.  Real change doesn’t come from voting.  Real citizenship is working everyday for the change you desire.  It is like a “christian” who attends church on Sunday for an hour or two and feels that their duty to god is done for the week.  Once back in the real world, they do not act in conjunction to their Sunday beliefs.  Token christians.    Likewise, if all one does is pull a lever, fill out a circle, or touch a screen, you are a token citizenship.

I will miss Dan Rather’s folk-isms tonight.

Oh, and I wish I lived in the days when political parties plied voters with alcohol to get them out to the polls and reward them for their vote.

And look for a music posting tomorrow. Life has been mad complicated lately, thus fewer postings.

I Have Seen the Future of Transportation (Keep on Sequewayin’)

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Last Sunday, down at Pike Place, I saw the most pimped out sequeway ever.  While enjoying the sunshine, nice view, and people watching, the distinct sound of Curtis Mayfield’s voice was detected.  However, I was unable to determine the source of the music.  As bewilderment was reaching exasperation, Carley spotted the sonic invader.  It was a plush, cherry red sequeway, the finest two wheeled-sidewalk machine invented by man.  At this point, the man riding it had taken a break nearby and had some Dr. Dre cuts off The Chronic playing.  Accessorized out, the dude had added spinner rims (look at that shine), the speaker system and Ipod plug-in, and a video camera.

Inspired by the tunes playing that gloriously sunny Sunday, here are a some cuts from Curtis, a cut from Dre, and a few cuts about about shinin’ and sunshine.

This demo of “The Underground” is straight-up funky, particularly around the 1:30 mark, and much grimier sounding than the original.  The album version off 1971’s Roots lacks the fried crunchiness of the demo.  Fuzzed-out guitar, heavy bass, and Curtis’ voice create an ominous mood.

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