Spewing Blood & Severed Body Parts, Part II

Gwar’s barbarous, bestial savagery is back and as unrelenting as ever.


“Guilded Lily” starts off the second half of the America Must Be Destroyed.  If you have made it this far into the album then the purity of your lilywhiteness has been irreparably tainted.  Any chance of maintaining your second virginity requires immediate cessation of Gwar.  Your ears must then be washed clean with easy listening musical offerings, the blander the better.  Religious music is more potent than vapid pop music, hence it hastens the cleansing process.  Down with the wackness! Down with Milli Vanilli!


“Poor Ole Tom” is a vicious, sad tale of Tom and his treatment at the hand of brutes.   It sounds like the apocalypse.

“So the death camp will be immaculate when they turn the ovens on!”


Channeling Kiss, Gwar delivers some wicked guitar riffs on an ode to rock titled “Rock’n’Roll Never Felt So Good.”  As usual, sexually perverse, Evil Knievel style ridonkulous lyrics are utilized in describing a tale of groupie decadence.  All in all, it is an awesome guitar song.


“Blimey”‘ has a beginning tempo is not for the pregnant or those with heart conditions.  The guitar/bass breakdown just after the minute mark leads into a heavy riff before returning to the speed metal tempo.


“The Road Behind” is Gwar’s extremely successful attempt at a metal ballad, and the penultimate song of the album.  An acoustic guitar has a prominent role.  Compared to the heavy sonic assault of “Blimey,” “The Road Behind” is a mellow song.  Do not fret though, drums still pound and guitars still scream.  This track is one of best efforts on the album.


Gwar closes with a return to their “Pussy Planet.”  It is a very loud song ending on a freakout.


Soon I will have daily access to the internet again, so a torrent of posts, including some funky nuggets, is coming.  Plus, I will no longer be splitting residences, which means much less travel time.  Hurray!  The buses have been increasingly stinky due to windows being closed as the warmth provided by Ra decreases.  I also get the additional bonus of living with the friendly, long-necked feline Stella.

On a last note, the Wolverines, Spartans, and Lions all suck.


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