Internet Hang-Ups (Got Me Down)

Well, I have 5-6 more posts ready to be written, but the wireless router in my residence has moved with one of the roommates. As a result, I am trying to figure out a solution to this problem for the final two weeks of November. I do not want to again live life without the internet. Thankfully, I have Carley and, thus, internet access from her place, which is also soon to be my shelter. Hopefully, there will be no significant delays since I do enjoy writing. Last night I attended a rad renegade party that was still bumping bass at 10 am. A full ten hours later. Perhaps, they made it til noon. I will find out when I get back to the south end. Incredibly tired I am, so I shall depart to seek invigoration and refreshment from the sandman.

Don’t change that channel, just dance to the silent beat of the earth rotating.

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