Spewing Blood & Severed Body Parts, Pt. 1 (Gwar Must Die!)


Last night Baer and I attended Gwar.  While I had heard of Gwar before I had met Baer, the name meant nothing to me.  After seeing some music videos and hearing some of music I was intrigued.  I love spewing blood, gargantuan amounts of gore, pounding drums, satire, mythical back stories, and driving guitar riffs.  While those viewing them as deranged would be correct, those thinking of Gwar as vulgar worthless noise could not be more wrong.  Gwar is a spectacle is the best way, over the top cartoon-style gore done to is excellent to begin with.  Then, Gwar adds in strong satire and heavy guitar riffs.   It was well worth the $23 dollars.  Their show, allegedly restrained due to the venue, was still diabolic bonkeroony.  I have never seen anything like it.

Gwar has IT.  Their sound is impossible to escape  Recently, I have begun looking on attempts to describe a band, movie, etc with another band, movie, with increasing disfavor.  More broadly, the idea of categorizing annoys me.  As does says, “Don’t call me a follower of Tao”, which means reject labels, identities, conformity, convention, definitions, and names.  Embrace paradox!

Instead, I have been using the scale of, do they have IT or not.  Gwar is a metal P-Funk.  Both utilize theatrical stage shows, mythical origins, humorous lyrics with serious messages, and the cock rock spirit.  On to the audio carnage.

To Be or Not to Be

“Save yourself from this whole corruption of the dead”

“Ham On the Bone” is worth a listen just for the “Ham On” chant around the 1:10 mark.  Gwar leaves little room for breathing as drums crash in overdrive.


“Crack in the Egg” has a slowed-down riff near the end as Gor-Gor vocalizes in the background, which created a tear in the fabric of time at the show.  As the lights swept over the goopy, stinking masses, a moment was had.


The “Gor-Gor”‘ chant is wicked, as is the guitar shredding.  They unfortunately didn’t play this one live, so I missed out on Gor-Gor’s appearance.  Here it is in all of it’s digital glory.  “Gor-Gor comes and you must die!”


The beginning of “Have You Seen Me?” will cause your ears to do a double take, but it is Gwar.  All jazzed out, listen to the nice walking bass line, “Have You Seen Me?” illustrates Gwar’s diversity.


“The Morality Squad” is full of savagely pointed lyrics and has a nice bluesy guitar.


“America Must Be Destroyed” is Gwar’s response to the first Persian Gulf War, and, more broadly, to America’s imperialistic, and often violent actions against smaller nations. “The white man has a god complex.”


Check back for the rest of Gwar’s America Must Be Destroyed (1991).


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