Time is an Illusion, only an Intrusion on the Eternal (ADT Home Security Mix)


The grinding assault of underemployment, tenuous housing, stalled quest of advancement, uncertainty about the future, personally, nationally, and globally, drain the spiritual stockpiles.  Adding to weight of the present moment is an abundance of gray.  The sun is a .  Despite everything though, life has been quite solid with a sublime mixture of bittersweet absurdness with a sprinkling of melancholy and a healthy amount of walking.  Lungs full of fresh air, pine scented .  Much preferable to breathing car exhaust while engine smells attack smell receptor cells.  Plus trees don’t almost kill/maim you off by accelerating through the crosswalk.

Many photographs have been taken while I was out and about, plus the wonders of the natural world and meditative quality of walking has cultivated a batch of poems.  Everything was fueled by scads of music, so some luscious musical libations.  Enough of this hot air dispensing.  Backwards to the past!

time_machineReggie, I hope you’re relying on more than the Saint’s offensive line for protection.



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