I Just Want Change! Spare Pity on a Zombie War Veteran (Agent Orange Mix)




The pictures are finally in from the night of the zombie film festival.  It was definitely a learning experience.  First, latex gets real itchy after 6 hours.  Second, I should have smuggled in alcohol.  Thirdly, the neck must be makeup-ed.  Lastly, wearing makeup is a strange experience.  While we all wear masks on the regular, this is the most personal mask upon the mask I have ever sported.  It was much different, and much more breathable, than more traditional creepy masks that have hidden my identity.

Beware meat eaters are on the prowl.  Repeat any suspicious activity.  Aim for the head.


In honor the great zombie in the sky, here are some of my favorite zombie themed tracks.

Fela Kuti, the late great founder of Afrobeat, was a prolific in many aspects of his life, including music, child spawner, and court appearances.  A man who felt deeply, held to his beliefs and vision in the face of oppression, violence, and tragedy.  Truly, a man of the people and for the people.  His “Zombie” is an Afrobeat classic.  Syncopation is my remedy!


Lord Jellicoe’s “Zombie Jamboree” is a song that puts a smile on my face.  Sometimes it is as simple and complex as that.  Plus, I need to save my strength for there is an outpouring soon to be erupting.


Sufjan Stevens is a talented individual.  He creates a delicious mix through layering sounds.  “They Are Night Zombies!  They Are Neighbors!  They Are Back From the Dead” is a prime example of Sufjan’s mixing skills.  Vocals are piled on top of each other creating a sense of claustrophobia.  Perfect for a track concerning the living dead.

Speaking their names, they shake the flag
Waking the earth, it lifts and lags
We see a thousand rooms to rest
Helping us taste the bite of death
I know, I know my time has passed
I’m not so young, I’m not so fast
I tremble with the nervous thought
Of having been, at last, forgot


Baer introduced me to Tankard’s 1986 album Zombie Attack, as well as most metal I am familiar and fond of. The guitar riff of “Zombie Attack” is what caught my attention after the initial pull of the title “Zombie Attack.”  Featuring shredding capable of blowing zombie’s heads into mush through speed and amplitude, zombies had better be carrying ear plugs.


Zombies only smile when they sense meat.




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