Half-Man, Half-Alligator. Whole Zombie! (Contains 0 Trans Fat)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins has been inescapable on my speakers since unearthing a few albums of his as of two days ago.  “Alligator Wine” is just as insane as Hawkins’ songs.  Recorded live in 1984, Screamin’ is backed by a band named the Fuzztones on the track.  The lyrics are ludicrous from the get-go but the apex of lunacy is not seen until the end.  Wherever, SJH goes swampy funkiness follows.  Carry a strong flashlight and a good set of ears. Zombies may be lurking.  Or alligators.  Or backwoods southern types.  Or some crazy combination of the three.  Half-man, half-alligator.  Whole zombie.  Aim for its’ hybrid sapien/reptilian brain.


Kool Keith reminds me a lot of Screamin’ Jay, so his song “Halfsharkhalfalligatorhalfman.”  Playing his Dr. Octagon character, Kool Keith is way off the deep end on the legendary Dr. Octagon album.  Better to just listen to experience.  Words are always limiting, but egregiously so in this instance.



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