I Think I’ll Call It a Morning

For an interesting piece on how the $700 billion financial bailout is actually a $1.6 billion rescue package including the aid to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and an under-reported credit extensions amounting to another $650 billion.


We should tar and feather these thieves.

Feathers make me think of chicken, which make me think of funk.  Funky songs referencing chicken are numerous. Rufus Thomas’ “Do the Funky Chicken” is one of the finest of such songs.  Informative, Rufus’ directions are sufficiently delivered, and, most importantly, the instrumental creates a groove one can get down to.  Its’ most wicked feature though is the chicken cluck intro which is later impressively emulated on rhythm guitar at 1:25 and 1:55 marks.


Nine has one of the most recognizable voices in the history of hip hop.  Gravelly and throaty, it cuts through all other sounds.  His lyrical content, voice and delivery work extremely well with the grimy beats.  One wonders how wearing and tearing his spitting style must be on his vocal cords.  Nine spits about his struggles with hunger on “4 Chicken Wings & Rice.”


I know everything going to be alright
No more 4 chicken wings and rice alright

Chickens are the funkiest bird; however, they are no match for the alpha funk of monkeys.

Federal Government: Just call me at home, I’ll be there.  I’ll never leave you alone, I’ll be there.  I’ll be around.

Wall Street: Thank god, the hand of the free market is trembling like Tom Hanks’ character in Saving Private Ryan

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