The Empty Reflection of Know-Nothingism (Don’t Beat Me Big Brother)

Being a blank slate must be nice.  Never having to deal with contradictions or thinking in terms greater than black and white, must free the intellect from the depleting labor of thinking. Who needs brain food when you lack a brain?  When being intellectually engaged and curious is seen as a bad thing, it can be reasoned that the country is firmly entrenched in a death spiral.  Or maybe I am just being an elitist.  Tell me what to think big brother, for having given into your tepid, clingy embrace I just know you have my best interests at heart.  I looked into big brother’s eyes and saw the federali’s soul.  I read in the bible that not listening to daddy is a sin.  Big brother save me from myself.  Tell me what to do and when to die.  I don’t believe in destiny, I believe in bureaucracy!


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