Death of Summer (Trees’ Transformative Mourning)

Drunk Busing

Initially expressing sullenness through monosyllabic grunting, the passengers were puzzled when the driver’s vocalizations turned into a hilarious, gut busting banter about being a Mega bus driver.  Only after he was arrested for drunk driving did they realize how compromised their safety had been.

Bus Hookup

“I used to work at a Wells Fargo Bank until I tried to rob it,” nonchalantly stated the disheveled homeless man.  Uttered to a random female passenger, little did I expect such a line to produce a great moment in hookup history.

Drunk Transitting

Inebriated Nathan fell asleep waiting for the bus.  Awoken by the grinding of brakes, Nathan groggily stumbled through the open door only to realize too late that he had actually boarded a UFO.

Buried deep inside
True nature indeed does lie
Adult slip’n’slide

Stratch’n’Sniff paint.  Peal paint off the walls while you’re peeling the paint off the walls.

In the land of the blind, he with sonar will rule the roost.


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