The Dude vs Bootzilla (Roto-Rooter Reviving Resuscitation)


Quincy Jones is a funky ass dude despite his tendency to saccharinize tracks. A legendary figure in the history of modern music, I recently discovered his album The Dude. One of the few cassettes I owned, I became quite familiar with the grooves. “The Dude” has grooves so sick it can cure motion sickness. The chorus breakdown is so infectious I’d swear George Clinton was responsible. Climaxing with Vesuviusian force, “The Dude” is one Quincy track so funk-a-fried that cheesiness is of the dripping nectar of deitial love juice variety rather than the doctor office, impotence-inducing spray variety.

Devin, aka the Dude, is a talented rapcat out of Houston. Houston has been home to many of my favorite hip hop groups. Devin, like other Houston rappers, loves the Funk and utilizes live instrumentation. You can feel the warmth of the sound. His lyrical content may not be understood or enjoyed by all, but Devin has wit, humor, and a smooth cadence.  Devin is a true head and Funky as hell. His album The Dude is inspired by the Quincy Jones song.

My bass is overloading!

Remember the Funk’s in you baby!


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