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One quick note before getting back into the swing of things. All audio and video on this blog is posted for reference purposes only. Please do not link directly to the files. Please not use for commercial purposes. Please support the artists producing the medulla oblongata stimulation you love.

Find out the most efficient way to get them the money. If they release their own albums that is one way, but money from album sales does not always get to the artist. There is a long history of record companies screwing the musicians. However, going to live shows and buying merchandise is the most efficient way I’ve found to support the artist besides the ancient art of patronage. Musician’s need to pay rent, eat, have car payments, families, etc. The ones who choose to try to make a living by pursuing their own path their own way have added difficulties. Media conglomeration and radio payola have resulted in increasingly dumbed down, monolithic, homogenized music culture.

Baby Grandpa,, an insanely kick-ass music blog, is led off by a few choice quotes about the music industry.

“Consumers have musical choice? What musical choice? In or society we choose only from what we are given to choose from, and that choice is determined by 5 major media corporations who control the exposure outlets that consumers depend on for their entertainment.” -Christopher Knab

“Record companies like to make money, and that is their only goal. They do not care about the content that they sell – they care about maximizing their profits. It is because of this that I hate record companies with the same passion that I hate venture capitalists. The record companies do not try to foster a creative environment which rewards musicians who serve their respective niche, but create an environment which attempts to market a small amount of music to the largest audience possible. It is more profitable for the record company to sell a few decent records in bulk than to have a vast array of cult hits that sell decently.” -Numair Faraz

“This is all about greed, something the record/entertainment industry has honed to a science. Dusty LPs, the artists, they don’t care! But if there’s a nickel on the floor, look out; they’ll cut your throat for it because they ‘need’ that nickel. Artists get paid a small sum, then the capital boys live off them like kings until the next big thing, then it’s over. So it’s not about the music you see it’s about their nickel. That’s why you can’t have any sharing of long gone music, because there might be a nickel there and they want it. They wouldn’t give to a charity if it wasn’t showing them handing over a cheque or had a building named after them so why would they be charitable on long lost material. Strangely they even tried to stop resale of used CDs because there was that darned nickel they wouldn’t get. May all the ‘industry suits’ have children who hate them.” -Jannx

When it comes to copyright laws, I identity most with the John Sinclair quote,

“Who says words belong to us? How did we get to own them? Copyright is just another bullshit Western ego trip and a capitalistic greed-scheme. Nobody can own the fucking words, and it’s a good thing, too.”

This is not an endorsement of plagiarism. One should never try to pawn off the work of others as their own. Knowingly doing that is not funky. Biters never win. Acknowledge sources of inspiration and material. But copyright laws do not ensure the artists responsible for money-making work getting paid for their effort. That said, I am for supporting artists. Please do so yourself.

Just as I try to drop props to those that inspire or spark thought in me, much appreciation to those that refer to what is found to my blog and do the same. Any artists wishing for their work to be removed just has to ask and the wish shall be granted. Any other concerns or thoughts can be sent to

Keep it funky!


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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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