Lost in the Collective Unconscious (Found in Collective Effervescence)

Life has hit a turbulent air stream forcing a change in a plans. Despite being between work, life was going well and my living situation was as stable as it can be when one is looking for new work. I figured I would have six more months where I was currently residing to keep working on projects, find work and save money. Now I need to find a new place to live in expensive burgeoning Seattle that will be bus commutable to a new unknown job, and come up with money for deposit and cleaning fees, moving fees, etc. I would really like an August/early September that did not involve moving and finding new work. Anyways, I must trust that it is part of the universe’s plan. It has provided gorgeous crepuscular sunsets.

On top of the dreadful threat of several more weeks sitting on my uncomfortable chair, for it is all I could afford on such meager wages, this Parliafunkadelicment Thangday is the first one in over a month that did not see a bbqfest of roncoesque proportions. Music is always a good remedy for lifting the spirits, so I have included a few tracks that always improve my mood. The next massive Bernie post should appear next week. Not enough time or energy to match last week’s 1600 word outpouring.

Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! Hip Hip Hurray!

Get on up/move your feet/get down like bernie on the One beat those drum skins like you’re pounding some meat/it’s bbq monday and you gotta to eat

if you don’t listen to rap cat you better watch out/just might get a big buford & large fry shoved right down your mouth/rap cat is furry but he isn’t soft don’t mistake him for a pussy or you may pay the cost

Oh I could go for some Checkers, but Seattle is lacking in Checkers. Although I don’t know if Seattle is funky enough for Checkers. The same applies for White Castle out in the Pacific NW. Rap Cat is hilarious. Yes it can be convincingly be argued the character is a stereotype, and the ad campaign offensive. Rap Cat saw some controversy, but that is what Rap Cat lives for. Further elucidation is required on the beloved Rap Cat, who had his life tragically cut short. Here is the video for all to see. Checkers fries are the shit! Try em if you can find em.


Funkadelic’s “The Song Is Familiar” off Let’s Take It To The Stage starts off the music. The lyrics of the song are a bit more poignant due to recent events.


“Funkin’ For Fun” by Parliament off The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein features a Glenn Goins vocal lead. Initially despairing, the song alternates between that tone and a happier groove until midway through the song when viral nature of the happy groove takes over and the unsettledness Glenn sings of is seen in a more positive light than at the beginning.


Glenn Goins was a marvelous musician who unfortunately died in 1978 from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His death date just recently passed a few weeks ago. Possessing a soulful, powerful, penetrating voice along with fine guitar chops, he joined P-Funk in the mid-1970s. Goins was a significant contributor appearing on Parliament’s Mothership Connection (1975), The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (1976), Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome, Funkadelic’s Tales of Kidd Funkadelic (1976) and Hardcore Jollies (1976), among other albums. Writing around themes is always easier, so I guess Glenn will be the focus of today’s Parliafunkadelicment Thangday.

Most famous for his impassioned plea for the Mothership to come down during live performances, Glenn was allegedly being groomed to take over for George during live shows to allow George to rest. Impressive as it is on video, seeing the Mothership come down in person during PFunk’s prime had to be bonkers. Time travel is badly needed.


Glenn goes gospel when calling the Mothership for a ride, which can be heard nicely on this cut from Greatest Funkin’ Hits. Glenn has the prominent male lead vocal on the song. Glenn’s vocal from “Mothership Connection” was used by Dr. Dre on “Let Me Ride”.


However, Glenn grew fed up with George’s bad management and left the P-Funk Army into 1977. He started Quazar in 1978. Quazar featured his brother Kevin Goins on guitar and vocals, “Bigfoot” Bailey guested on drums, among other musicians. While recording their first album in 1978, Glenn passed away. His brother finished the album up using many of Glenn’s original vocal and guitar parts. At least Glenn was able to contribute what he was able to during his last days. The self-titled album is an impressive debut album. All about gettin’ down, the grooves are infectious. Realizing the potency of layering vocals and utilizing chants, bouncy bass A party is bound to start up whenever the up-tempo tracks of this album are played. Even the majority of the ballads are well-produced, if a bit saccharine with their crossover appeal.

“Funk with a Capital G” doubles up the bass, guitar, and vocals creating a rhythm so dense it will take many listens to truly hear the song.


“Funk’n’Roll (Dancin’ in the “Funkshine” . At the 1:14 mark a Bootsy mannerism is heard, and the whole song sounds like it has some of the original funkateers playing on it. Rob Clough of The Motherpage is right on when saying this song is channeling “Cholly (Funk Getting Ready to Roll)”. Ignoring the obvious lyrical evidence, the beat and use of handclaps suggest “Cholly”.

On Funkadelic’s “Cholly” off One Nation Under a Groove (1978), the beat at the 3:05 mark when the Bootsy’s leads a wonderful bass line into dropping some bombs while Mike Hampton shreds mixed with the rest of the funknasty is sacrament to devotees of the Funk.

I was strung out on Bach
And Beethoven was my thing
I dug jazz, I dug rock
Anything with a swing
Then I ran into a friend Who told me there was so much more
Find the void that you missed
There is plenty to explore

We want to take you, Cholly, when we go
(You wanna take me?)

And my funk I can’t hide
(I must go with the funk)


With no dirty burgers are being served up on the home front, meat has to be injected into this day in some way. So here is the first McDonald’s ad I promised.


watch out for bluetooth babies!

Keep it Funky!


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