Parliafunkadelicment Thangday (It’s the PreMix Baby!)

Monday will bring the start of a new feature. The worst day of the week for many reasons, we have to suffer through it until a new calender emerges which will not feature the week feature thus eliminating the problem of having Sunday night dread. New problems will surely emerge but our concept of time should be altered at least a little bit towards the more relaxed end of the spectrum.

The amount of vacation days granted to American workers compared to the amount offered in many other “first-world” powers is a slap in the face to those who do not share the view that increasing the GDP at any cost is a healthy and sustainable mode of living. Our standard of living must decrease. It is a sad thing to realize; however, as the innovative species we always claim ourselves to be, life can be just as happy or happier. The joy of material goods are no substitute for joys being creative, taking a walk, pondering the universe, or a good shit.

Anyways, that day being the revolting day that it is, especially once football weekends arrive with climatic Sundays followed by that day cushioned only by the short-term fix Monday Night Football provides. That said some things can be done to make Mondays better.

Funk, a remedy for rheumatism, arthritis, mental constipation, and more, can be liberally used on Mondays to alleviate the mental anguish it can bring. Therefore, that day, which marked the beginning of the work week for the Judeo-Christian god and, although a little less so now, for modern humans of all ages, is now known as Parliafunkadelicment Thangday, which logically will feature nothing but the raw, unkut funk of the P.

Over the past few years I have amassed a huge PFunk collection. There are a still a few pieces out there that have eluded me, but I have tracked down most solo albums done by PFunk members and as well as much of the output recorded by the side projects, like Parlet, Brides of Funkenstein, Mutiny, etc. I continue my quest much like Jason continued pursuing the Golden Fleece with the aid of a dove. All in all, look this coming for a post featuring the Wizard of Woo including some of his recent solo work & his collaboration with Prince Paul. I would have loaded an appetizer track but divshare was acting up.

In addition to PFunk therapy sessions on the day whose name day we shan’t utter again, I am going to attempt at least one other longer funk post a week focusing on artists not related to the P and a hip hop post. I hope to have zombie reviews up soon, but it is hard to keep up with so many different projects while also living the rest of my life.

Bass practicing has been a little light the past few days and balance must be restored. For anyone interested learning bass, Bootsy Collins has a good tip for you. Yes, Bootsy does wear normal clothes.

And I don’t know if the term premix has been utilized before, but if not I am claiming it. After thinking that R. Kelly & Weezy have the chokehold on the term “remix,” neurons fired and “premix” materialized on the screen. Say no to aborting premixes, their lack of development could result in a smash ringtone hit if allowed to see the light.


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