All Natural Boneless Chickenless Chicken Strip Crunchers! (Where’d the chicken go? I dunno)

While listening to a spectacular funk compilation I heard a familiar voice on a Bill Withers track titled “Make Love To Your Mind.” ? appeared to be singing a prominent background vocal. Yet this is not possible since the track was released in 1975 and ? was not born until May 30th, 1974. Let me know who you think it is. Besides the birthday hint, I will drop a few more crumbs to go hunting with. He has appeared many times with Outkast, kind of looks like buddha, and has a theme for the dramatic.

Next up is a hilarious version of Thriller all the way from India. Be prepared for busting a gut.

I leave you with the P. For as scatterbrained and, increasingly erratic, as George may appear, culturally he is a well-versed cat. As Andre spoke, “I might look kinda funny but I ain’t no fool.” Anyways, the video for “If Anybody Gets Funked up (It’s Gonna Be You)” interpolates the 1927 German classic Metropolis to produce an first-rate video.

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